Anti-Gun Community … Peaceful? Non-violent? What?

“One day I hope you need your gun and it jams and then you die.”

The Anti-Second Amendment community talks a good line about being peaceful and non-violent, but what do they really think?

“Gun owners are a deadly threat to public safety and their execution should be legal.”

Our execution – legal?  The hostility of gun control advocates is palpable.  And it’s often violent.

“I’d be happy to read a story about how you accidently blew your brains out…”

The last thing we want to do is give attribution to such “intolerance” – but these statements are 100% real and are actually less explicit than most.  In fact, the last comment is almost exactly how a recent video post played out that targeted conservative talk show host and author Dana Loesch.

Dana knows her facts, is darn serious about her guns, and isn’t afraid to point the finger of hypocrisy at liberal histrionics.  Her recent ad for the NRA entitled “Moms Like Me” called for a woman’s right to personal protection and first aired on Fox News in September 2015.  Almost immediately, a video appeared online, complete with an edited Dana holding a handgun across her chest and precariously pointed at her head.  Then BOOM and a very graphic blood splatter.

A vile display?  Indeed, but those emotionally-driven, peace lovin’ liberals just can’t help but show their twofaced hand.  Neither can they help but show just how ignorant they are.  Gun free zones have not stopped tragedies on school campuses, nor has a single statute ever protected the innocent from an evil soul intent to do harm.

If the public is going to squeeze their eyes shut and not burn with anger at the double standard of the liberals, then we are going to deserve what we get.  These whackos vote – and they support fellows like Minnesota Representative Ron Erhardt, who – in response to getting a gun-related questionnaire stated “Give me a double F! No more surveys! You come near me, and I’ll blow your head off!”

Nice.   So much for his party’s push for nonviolent public policy.

We know that passions run high on both sides of the issue and sadly, threats of bloodshed have come to GOC’s doorstep as well.  But truly – whether one stands with us or against us on the Constitution, violent threats have no place anywhere in this debate.

”If I ever find out who you (pro-gunners) are, I’d shoot you myself…”