Don’t Sell Your Soul for the Super Bowl

Don’t let your passion for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos or Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers dupe you into tossing cash into the hands of the anti-gunners.

Lt. Governor Gavin will do just about anything to funnel money to ensure his reckless

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initiative gets on the ballot this November – and he’s targeting small donors to get it there.  According to the Sacramento Bee, Newsom has been front and center on Facebook, brandishing coveted Super Bowl tickets, asking  “Do you want two amazing seats to the Super Bowl?”

Yup – for a $5 donation to his misnamed “Safety for All” ballot measure, supporters can be entered into a drawing to win tickets to the big game in Santa Clara on February 7.  Not surprisingly, there are people who actually “liked” the Facebook post.

Slick trick?  Yup. With Super Bowl tickets going for upwards of $5,000, this is could be

But like GOC posted a few weeks back about signing petitions, “JUST SAY NO!”

We have to be smart about all of this – and we can’t let a leftist politician – hyper-polished though he may be, motivate us into giving him money any more than we should let an aggressive and paid petition circulator push us into signing something we oppose.  Remember, this bad baby requires ammunition buyers to undergo a background check, licensing of all ammunition vendors and bans possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

You will be told “It’s just to get it on the ballot – that’s all!”  Baloney – it’s amazing how many people fall for this one. Just say NO.

Let’s be clear.  There is only ONE smart reason to ever give money to or sign an initiative petition and that’s if you believe in what it hopes to accomplish.  Otherwise?   Just say NO.

The Newsom Initiative should get zero help in getting this on the ballot – whether it’s just five bucks or with your John Hancock.  Tell friends.  Tell co-workers.  Tell your family. Heck – tell the guy at the convenience store.   Just say NO.

***P.S.  GUESS WHAT?  Because the drawing is not registered as a “charitable raffle” with the Attorney General’s office, there is no requirement to make a donation to enter!  What does this mean for people who DO want the chance to be drawn for Super Bowl 50 tickets, but who DON’T want to give their money to the anti-gun effort? Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope by midnight, February 4, 2016 with name, address and phone number to: Safety for All, Newsom Ballot Measure Committee, 268 Bush Street #222, San Francisco, CA 94104.