PolitiFact Site “PANTS” Newsom – Liar, Liar!

What’s the deal, Newsom?  Can’t get ahead without using an emotional lie to move your initiative closer to the ballot?

Gavin Newsom

In a campaign email blast on December 5, 2015, our Lt. Governor (and presumptive Democrat candidate for Governor) said “So far in 2015, there have been more mass shootings than days.”


Democrat Assemblyman Richard Pan added to the ridiculous, stating in a January 19, 2016 press release that “there were more mass shootings in America where four or more people were killed, than there were days in the year in 2015.”

Double huh?  There are 338 days from January 1, 2015 to December 5, 2015.  GOC missed the memo that there were 338 mass shootings in America last year.

Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact has pretty much pantsed these politicians, charging the mass shooting claims by both Newsom and Pan as “mostly false.”

While there is no agreed-upon definition of what a mass shooting is, we can certainly concur they are horrific and must do all we can to insure the safety of our homes and families from the evil souls who commit such heinous acts.  But that doesn’t mean taking guns away from the good guys.

According to the PolitiFact article, “from 1999 through 2013, there were about 21 mass shootings each year in the United States, according to a congressional analysis of FBI data.”

Newsom and Pan should be embarrassed by this faux pas, and have scrambled in the wake of their deceptive statements.  But there is a deeper issue here – they seem willing to go to extraordinary lengths to distort the truth to get what they want.  That being said, GOC can’t fathom how two politicians – even those with a left-wing agenda could engage in such absurd fear-mongering.

As PolitiFact Florida reported, “Politicians or others who want to make a point about guns choose a set of data and a definition that reinforces the point they want to make. People who want more gun control tend to choose more expansive definitions.”

GOC understands there will always be a foundational difference between those who believe the Constitution was designed to protect us versus those who think it’s an obscure document written by a bunch of old dudes with frilly neckties.  That’s their prerogative as free Americans. But come on – if you want to have a dialogue, let’s at least be honest.

So what does this mean for the voters of California?  BEWARE.  Frankly, once someone lies – politician or otherwise – they have made the decision that you aren’t worth the truth and as such, there is really no reason to trust them – ever.