A “ SUPREME” Voice Reverberates – Quotes GOC Legal Brief

Not only did Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stun the courtroom when his voice boomed a question this week, but it came straight from an amicus brief filed by Gun Owners of California, Gun Owners Foundation, Gun Owners of America, U.S. Justice Foundation, Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Institute on the Constitution.  Justice Thomas startled onlookers when he made the inquiry, breaking his decade of silence during oral arguments.

In the absence of our 2nd Amendment champion – the late Justice Antonin Scalia – we couldn’t have asked for a better legal mind to question the counsel for the federal government whether she knew of any other example where a misdemeanor criminal conviction could deprive an American citizen of a constitutional right (the case before SCOTUS is Voisine v. United States, and pertains to misdemeanor crimes and the loss of gun rights).

Observers confirmed that Justice Thomas’ questioning completely changed the tenor and direction of the argument.

Thank you, Justice Thomas.  Defenders of the 2nd Amendment across the nation are grateful for your leadership.

To read the article by GOC/GOF/GOA attorney William Olsen, click here.