71%Spike in SF Homicide:So Lock Up Your Guns?

Once the Supreme Court decided to let the 9th Circuit’s ruling stand on San Francisco’s ill-conceived handgun storage law, city officials just couldn’t resist in taking a bad idea even further.  Now they’re going after long guns!

Store Your Guns Securely & ProperlyGive the libs an inch and they will take a doggone mile.  New York, Washington State and now San Francisco is following suit by mandating all rifles and shotguns be either locked or dismantled.

Maybe Democrat Supervisor Mark Farrell – author of the proposal – missed the memo that San Francisco police are battling an increase in crime that spiked between 2014 to 2015. With a 71% increase in homicide, just how does he expects the citizens of his city to protect themselves?  GOC has no clue – and we don’t believe this politician does either.  He seems hell-bent on pushing the most outrageous gun control measures – one of which would require the video taping of every single gun or ammo purchase.  Assemblyman Kevin “Big Brother” McCarty (D-Sacramento) is attempting the same outlandish policy state wide.

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