OC Register Delivers Newsom Smack-Down

If there was ever a literary smack-down this was it!  In their opinion piece (March 24, 2016) the Orange County Register delivered Newsom’s “Safety for All” initiative a frank and straight forward thumbs-down.

Calling the initiative “fancifully titled,” the article points to the California Sheriffs’ Association’s opposition to Newsom’s attempt to qualify his proposal for the November ballot.  In a letter to the Lt. Governor, they charge that “it would place additional restrictions on law-abiding citizens who wish to purchase ammunition for sporting or hunting use, retain guns and magazines that are currently legal for them to possess and pass historical or family heirloom guns down to their next generation. Effectively, this measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common-sense practices that now exist.”

Lawful gun owners are increasingly the whipping boys of those whose ideological agenda not only shows disdain for the unalienable and constitutional right of self-defense…OC Register 3/24/16

The California Fish and Game Wardens’Association has also come out in strong opposition to the initiative, maintaining “…the proposed changes in the Act will have little bearing on the criminals who commit these atrocities in our great State.  Firearms, ammunition, and firearm components do not make decisions to kill; criminals inherently do not abide by any laws or regulations.  Therefore, clearly the additional intended criminalization and deterrent effect of this Act were it to pass into law would negatively impact already strictly-bound, lawful, and responsible California firearm owners and users.  Conversely, this Act will have absolutely no impact on the behavior, decisions, and violence of criminals who already obtain, use, buy, and sell firearms, ammunition, and components in flagrant and oftentimes tragic disregard of all established laws, regulation, ethics, and safety guidelines.”

GOC is pleased that the Register recognizes that the “Safety for All” initiative “fails to address the problems they purport to solve, as criminals will continue to obtain their guns illegally and ignore other gun-control laws (not to mention those prohibiting robbery and murder).”

The Newsom initiative is not just some gentle political spring breeze blowing through California – it’s a dangerous, and prejudicial storm of intolerance.

Be armed. Be informed.  Join Gun Owners and help us battle the forces at the ballot box and in the Legislature.