Gun Violence: emotionally charged political buzz words, right? But what exactly is it?

Depends who you ask.

Image: Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

To those eager to disarm America, a victim of gun violence is anyone killed by a firearm – regardless of the circumstances. Terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev is considered a “victim” – even though he was killed in a shootout with police after his bomb killed 3 and injured 260 at the Boston Marathon.  Former cop Christopher Dorner murdered four, two of whom were police officers.  He’s on the victim list. What about thugs who have been killed by police during the commission of crimes?  Yup – they’re on it too. 


Christopher Dorner

We can’t make up stuff this outrageous – vigils have even been held for some of these killers!

In truth – a victim of gun violence should never be someone who has victimized someone else.  That’s the beginning and the end of it.

After the Sandyhook tragedy, our own Democrat leader of the California State Senate Kevin De Leon trotted out a poster memorializing gun violence victims and wanted every legislator to hang it on their office door.  A closer look at the list told a very different – and deceitful story.   A Closer Look PosterHere’s just a sampling of some of the more interesting “victims”:

31-year-old Aquilla Bailey, was shot by Madera pharmacy owner Bryan Lee, after an attempted assassination attempt on himself and his mother.  Lee said “It was not a robbery so much as an execution… they didn’t make any demands, they simply came in, reached over, and it was basically shooting us almost in the back of the head. They shot my mother and almost shot me…”  

48-year-old David Weatherton of Fremont attacked two of his children with a baseball bat covered in nails. His son shot him in self-defense, which was deemed by law enforcement to be a clear case of justifiable homicide.

Fresno resident Jimmy Ray Phea was killed by police after threatening to kill his sister and her children. He was a parolee who had recently been released from a Michigan prison for armed robbery.

Are these the people that Gavin Newsom, Kevin De Leon and their Bloomberg buddies want you to grieve or ignore?  Perpetrator – or victim?  You can’t have it both ways.

GOC refuses to let the anti-gun lobby and the media elite define OUR message.  We will continue to spotlight the deceit, the lies and the spectacular lengths they will go to manipulate the message.