So, Gun Owners are Violent, Eh?

“Gun owners with multiple guns are violent people.”
                                 ~ Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

The anti-gun lobby is obviously not worried about a lightning bolt for every lie that flows so easily from their lips, nor are they worried they’ll whack someone in the Public Safety Committee with a Pinocchio-sized nose.  Lying while testifying at the State Capitol is just another day at the office.

Another whopper was that “the Heller decision says that it only allows people to have one gun in their homes…” Now that’s an analysis we’ve not heard before.

Thank goodness the committee has some smarts – outnumbered Assemblymembers Melissa Melendez and Tom Lackey brilliantly called the wild story-tellers on the carpet.  Unfortunately, their well-informed and wise words fell on deaf ears.

Between the Brady Campaign, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and their Democrat groupies, the truth is in awfully short supply at the Capitol. What they are permitted to say with relative impunity is remarkable, and if it weren’t so dastardly, it might be funny.  But we aren’t laughing, because these people are playing a dangerous game with our rights.

Just today, though, the bad guys out there in “criminal-land” are likely having a good chuckle – a seriously dreadful bill passed and all the good ones were met with a hasty death:

AB 2229 (Grove/R) – Amends the existing 10-day waiting period laws currently required for specific firearm purchases by exempting certain classes of firearm buyers from the requirement. FAILED.

AB 2478 (Melendez/R) – Makes specific and serious firearms offenses punishable by imprisonment. FAILED.

AB 2508 (Mathis/R) – Allows a handgun model removed from the [Department of Justice’s Safe Handgun] roster for any reason other than its failure upon retesting to be reinstated to the roster upon a petition to the Attorney General for reinstatement and successful retesting. FAILED

But the committee members didn’t hesitate to pass AB 2459 by Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty.  This is the one that requires your face be videotaped for every gun and ammo purchase.  Yes, he took amendments, but like all the rest of the bad bills – this will not save one California life, not prevent one crime from being committed with a gun.

It really is too bad that honesty is in such short supply at the State Capitol.  The truth is nothing to be feared.

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