News Flash! Gun Laws Don’t Work

Well now.

Isn’t it curious to read how the anti-gun lobby responds to actual evidence that their policies don’t work?

Allison Anderman

Quoting from Breitbart California, Allison Anderman of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence says, “The fact that these laws may be difficult to enforce in some cases is not an argument against enacting them.”  She’s referring to the ban on “standard” capacity magazines, but using traditional liberal double-speak, she erroneously calls them “high-capacity” magazines.

Difficult to enforce?  The real fact is that neither experts nor law enforcement have seen any actual impact – no magazines have been turned in and guess how many have been confiscated resulting from local large-magazine bans – in the big cities, no less?

Zero.  Zilch. Nada.

Given that Americans have been purchasing guns in record numbers, it must frustrate the holy pants off the anti-gunners, especially since the rate of violent crime has decreased* in California and nationally.  The libs use high profile tragedies to take our eyes off the real – and very Constitutional issue of legal gun ownership.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, gun manufacturers produce roughly 20 million firearms a year.   That “constant flow” of new weapons exasperates UC Irvine criminal justice professor George Tita. “There were almost a half million handguns legally purchased in the State of California last year,” he said, “and a half million the year before. So, it is a little bit frustrating, but that doesn’t mean that we just turn a blind eye and don’t try to do things.”

Why worry about the “legal” when the “illegal” is rampant? Why should we try to do “things” when the real facts show these “things” don’t work and that the problem is not with those who respect the law.  It’s such an elementary concept, it’s downright difficult to wrap our brains around why people don’t get that it’s the bad guys who are doing the bad stuff.

Speaking of bad dudes, here’s yet another example of one who is considered a “victim of gun violence”:

Humphrey Gascon: On January 16, 2013, he murdered Galt Police Officer Kevin Tonn; he then turned gun on himself after the killing.

Who’s at the tip of the Constitutional spear?  GOC.  Be armed.  Be informed.

*The nation’s total violent crime rate decreased 0.9 percent from 2013 to 2014.  This consists of decreases of one percent in murder and six percent in robbery, and increases of 1.8 percent in rape and 1.3 percent in aggravated assault. Of these four types of violent crime under the Uniform Crime Reporting system, the decreases took place in the two in which guns are more likely to be used than in the two in which guns are less likely to be used.