Dog-And-Pony (Newsom) No-Show

As expected – following months of improper signature gathering, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s long-on-emotion and short-on-facts “Safety for All” initiative is poised to appear on the General Election ballot this coming November.  Having submitted over 600,000 signatures, the initiative is now going through the “random check process” by each county’s Registrar of Voters.

And just this week, before a Joint Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing at tCoalition for Civil Liberties's Profile Photohe State Capitol, the Coalition for Civil Liberties stakeholders offered frank and honest testimony about the initiative and the grave threat that it is to gun owners, the firearms industry – and even the state’s coffers (if the Constitutional issues weren’t enough, if it passes it’s going to cost a boatload of your tax dollars to implement).  Of course, no hearing on anything gun-related would be complete without the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and their fellow, gun-control cohorts telling their side of the story…

For those who might want to watch the testimonies of Michele Hanisee, President of the LA Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Cory Salzillo of the California State Sheriff’s Association,  Joe Silvoso from the law firm of Michel and Associates and Craig de Luz of the Firearms Policy Coalition in defense of our civil liberties, click here.

Probably the most curious component of this dog-and-pony-show wasn’t who was there, but rather who wasn’t.  Although the Lt. Governor appropriately attended a memorial for fallen law enforcement, it’s worth pondering whether he will actually lend an ear to the colleagues of these fallen heroes – and what they are saying about the initiative….