We’ve had just about enough of Assemblyman Reginald Jones Sawyer.

Now he’s lobbying for a national movement to amend the US Constitution that would change the 2ndAmendment.  Does he realize that in order to do some Constitutional “renovation”, one must follow the rules set by the very document he considers out of touch?  Maybe not.  He has dismissed the relevance of the Constitution on more than one occasion, because after all, it was “done in 1791” he says, and besides –“there’s no longer any tyrannical government to fight!”

Well now.

In comments made to the Sacramento Bee following a small anti-gun rally on June 24 at the State Capitol, he said “with three-fourths of the states – 38 states, you can actually make an amendment to the Constitutionso our streets can be safer…”

Joes-Sawyer’s version of what would make our streets safer should scare the living daylights out of every man, woman and child because he has supported early release of criminals while actively campaigning for the law abiding to be stripped of personal protection.

And, changing the Constitution isn’t quite as uncomplicated* as Jones-Sawyer makes it sounds – kind of like his views on how to curb gun violence.  It’s easier to go after the weapon than to look into human behavior. That’s why liberal politicians stick to pushing ineffective and downright unworkable legislation down the throats of the law abiding.

They are very adept at manipulating the gun issue to suit their end game.

And some have been similarly adept at letting them.

We must resist the temptation of falling into the emotionally hyped trap they’ve set for us.  Stick to the simple and real points of this high-stakes battle:  criminals just don’t give a rat’s-you-know-what about any rules…

It’s common sense at its most basic! Join us as we go toe-to-toe with those who think that you being safe means you being unarmed.

*Article V of the Constitution prescribes how an amendment can become a part of the Constitution. While there are two ways, only one has ever been used. All 27 Amendments have been ratified after two-thirds of the House and Senate approve of the proposal and send it to the states for a vote. Then, three-fourths of the states must affirm the proposed Amendment.