Convention Chaos: Disinformation on Steroids


Senator de Leon


Speaker Rendon

Senate pro Tem Kevin de Leon has said the Republican convention was “overtly racist” and his Assembly counterpart, Speaker Anthony Rendon called it “hateful.”

Really, now.

This is what GOC heard:

“Hillary Clinton is a risk Americans can’t afford to take. She says she’ll issue executive orders to take away Americans’ guns. She wants to appoint judges who will abolish the Second Amendment.

Just look at how effective those laws have been in inner-city Chicago, a city with the toughest gun laws in our nation, where 70 people were murdered last month alone and where over 3,400 American lives have been lost since this administration took office in 2009.

You know why those laws fail? Because criminals by definition don’t follow laws. Rather than prosecuting real criminals, she would strip hardworking, law-abiding citizens of their rights to protect themselves and their families.”   – Donald Trump. Jr.

And then, we heard this:

“I will protect the 2nd Amendment – Hillary Clinton will abolish it. The replacement for Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views and principles. This will be one of the most important issues decided by this election. My opponent wants to essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment…”  – Donald Trump Sr.

Let’s be clear – GOC doesn’t much care if you are a Republican or a Democrat.  At the risk of sounding a tad “politically correct” – we are a pretty dang diverse group.  We have Republicans and we have Democrats.  We also have Libertarians, Independents and those who are registered as “No Party Preference.”   And we are grateful for every single one of you.

What we DO care about is whether the 2nd Amendment community is going to sit in the bleachers of apathy – and watch as we have our lunch handed to us with the election of more anti-gunners.  There are a ton of bad candidates out there and the last thing we need is to embolden those who want to step on our rights – whether nationally or in California. The only thing standing between the good guys (that’s us) and the bad guys (that’s them) are the people who vote – and the people who don’t.

Both de Leon and Rendon are aggressively pulling the anti-gun strings in the Golden State, and their agenda resembles a colossal octopus – with its nasty tentacles eager to squeeze the life out of the 2nd Amendment.  Without question, this was a bad year legislatively – but we have some good chances to do some damage come November.

GOC doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict what will be declared at the Democrat Convention this week when it comes to guns – they are unmistakably on the record.  They will do their best to villainize the “gun lobby” as merchants of death.  Heck – if John Kerry can make the statement that air conditioners are as big of a threat as ISIS, NOTHING will surprise us!

Will we hear a clear call from the Convention speakers in defense of our liberties and every amendment of the Bill of Rights?  Will we hear that we are a nation in fear (not of air conditioning) and must have the right to defend ourselves?  Yup, this remains to be seen, but let’s just say “the odds will never be in our favor….”

“Let me tell you something about risk.  If Hillary Clinton were elected, she’d be the first president who couldn’t pass a basic background check …” – Donald Trump, Jr.


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  1. Darrik Houck on July 27, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Let’s not forget the republican(s) who supported some of the gun control bills too. Ling Ling Chang voted AYE for AB-1135, SB-880, and, SB-1695. She also didn’t vote against many other bills. Time for trip to the woodshed.