Crooks Do Crooked Stuff

It’s pretty obvious that those driving the gun debate are eager to ignore – and at times, even conceal some facts that would alarm the pants off most Americans.

Case in point:  According to Southern California law enforcement and reported by Breitbart this week, gang members were given orders to burglarize homes and expected to bring their leaders “aGangs with Gunst least $5,000 and a weapon every single day.”

This startling revelation is not news to those of us who get the elementary concept that crooks do crooked stuff.  In all seriousness, it doesn’t take someone with an MD or PhD to understand the pathology of someone with a criminal intellect!  The fact that breaking the law is a bad idea doesn’t make it into the gray matter between an offender’s ears.

According to the Breitbart report, the daily burglary quota was discovered after officials made 15 arrests in “a gang-related burglary ring that they say hit thousands of SoCal homes” and that gang members involved in the burglary ring allegedly “[struck] homes four to five times in a week” and “are suspected of some 5,000 burglaries” in total. It took eighteen different police departments and “400” individual law enforcement personnel “three and half years…to track the burglary suspects back to the ringleaders.”

It’s pretty clear that those pushing against the 2nd Amendment don’t want to chat about gangs and their guns.

Well, I guess we need another piece of legislation so that gangland thieves can come to the realization that breaking into homes is BAD, that snatching guns is NAUGHTY, and that stealing money is just NOT NICE.



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  1. Joe on September 7, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    It’s already been argued, by liberal gun control freaks, that we shouldn’t have guns because that’s where the crooks get them. They steal them from law abiding people. … and gangsters can’t be controlled by law, but we can.
    All that needs to be done is stop prosecuting people for defending their friends, families and property. Without arms, we are willing victims.
    And remember, our 2nd amendment is not for personal protection or sporting purposes. It’s so we can protect ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and from tyranny.