Distracted by All the Whining?  Me Too.

Is anyone else tired of all the whining?9f4bcc8d23ee660c8769b43f7520b4b5

It’s been over a month, and one would think that the media’s talking heads and those “enlightened” public policy wonks in the entertainment industry would move on.  I’m not saying they have to like the results of the election, but for Pete sake – DEAL WITH IT.

Did you not learn in kindergarten how to handle disappointment?  Maybe it’s because we conservatives are so used to being kicked in the teeth by political snobs (from both parties) that we know how to handle a setback or two.  Or maybe we are just more mannerly by nature.  We are certainly less likely to blame others for our own screw-ups and don’t pull out the victim card at every opportunity.   The inability to move on post Trump’s stunning victory has led to despairing public letters to young girls declaring  “the only people that feel safe, that their rights are recognized and respected are white men. . .”   WHAT? And to those grown-ups that decided to cancel company Christmas (I mean “holiday”) parties? How juvenile.

My head is quite literally ready to explode with all the simpering about Poor Hillary Clinton and the whiny people left in her wake.  The left now believes she was mistreated by the media. Oh wait – I mean the “fake” media.  Puh-lease.  Their coronation went awry for so many reasons – the chief being that she was not trusted nor did she resonate with the majority of Americans, which is even more striking given the enormity of her advantage with the press.

When more Americans relate to a New York billionaire of questionable character and an even more questionable hairdo, isn’t it time for some philosophical left-wing reflection?  Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to take a sharp look at why the attempted crowning versus the political assassinating didn’t work?  The fact that Donald Trump was mocked, rebuked (some rightly so) and taken to the political woodshed 24-7 and was still able to best Hillary should give all you liberals a wet-handed smack in the face.  So much for your “identity politics.” (for a thought-provoking read on this from a liberal perspective, click here.)

Back to the whining – particularly from the women out there who are petrified that our gender will suddenly be thrust back into a “barefoot and pregnant” existence, all because Hillary didn’t bust through that Presidential glass ceiling.

As a professional woman who climbed the career ladder for over 30 years in a male-dominated legislative and political arena, I have this one request: Please. Grow. Up.

She’s not the only game in town, thank God, and at the risk of repeating the obvious, Hillary Clinton was repudiated.  This is not a sexist statement, but the truth.  What’s more, there are scores of worthy, and yes, more qualified women who can effectively lead our county, and they would do it from a position of strength rather than the impotent apologies of Barack Obama and those who share his world view.

The reality is, women will not be denied one right under a new administration that we don’t have now and the glass ceiling sure as heck didn’t get any higher.  Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright once said that there is a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.  For someone who reached a pretty dang good career pinnacle for anyone, no matter their sex – this is a perfect illustration of how phony the left is, because I doubt she’d politically help a Republican woman in a sinking boat full of liberal men.

Thankfully, I have found comradery with an awful lot of women who aren’t members of the Whiny Woman’s Club.  We have reasonable and straightforward expectations from our system of government.  They might not be on Planned Parenthood’s “top ten” but they do cross gender lines:

  • Personal Safety: the right to protect ourselves with a gun, if necessary – rather than having to rely on a man or the police.  We want to arm ourselves against a hostile world, and have the ability to protect our homes and our families.
  • A robust economy: where women entrepreneurs can function without the regulatory thugs of a jack-booted bureaucracy on our necks.  We don’t want more government programs to pave the way for our personal initiative.
  • Security of the USA: a nation that cares about the personal and global security of its citizens – we don’t want to live in fear of terror attacks.  We want ISIS finished.
  • Individual liberty: where the civil rights for all people is preserved and protected – even those with whom we may disagree.
  • Education Reforms: where all kids will be safe and high school grads can locate the US on a globe and read at more than a 5th grade level.
  • Health Care: not a free health care system, but one that is top-notch, where medical research and ingenuity are encouraged and not stifled. Where individuals – not the government – make decisions on what kind of insurance they should have.
  • Welfare Reform: a system not rigged to be used as a hammock – but one that blends compassion with fiscal responsibility.

I found that the driving force behind most women is freedom, not free stuff.    Unfortunately, the two have become confused and perverted by the media, the left, and those who believe a “paternalistic society” is responsible for all wrongs done to humanity.  We don’t need free stuff, because we are competent enough to figure out how to get what we need … we just need the freedom to figure it out without being told how to do it by the government.  Sure wish more would recognize the difference.