Anti-Gun San Francisco Sees Dramatic Rise…In Gun Crimes

The City of San Francisco has a loony reputation to uphold, and they are doing a bang-up job.  They have a “see no evil” mentality when it comes to violent crime and are missing the mark on how to slow it down.

They’ve proudly banned plastic bags, Happy Meal toys plus the sale of sugary drinks on city property.  And if that social engineering weren’t enough, they even barred the depiction of firearms on municipally owned advertising.  Like that’s going to help the crime problem.

They have long been on the outer edge of all things reasonable, but being on the fringe has taken an alarming turn because the escalation in shooting victims has reached a six-year high. It doesn’t appear that their rash firearm restrictions have done anything to slow gun crimes – to the contrary.  Yet they still brag about their gun storage ordinances, the ban on certain ammunition (hollow point) and “high capacity” (aka “standard”) magazines.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that thefts, burglaries, arson, and stolen vehicles decreased, but firearm-related murders for 2016 surpassed 2015 numbers by 15 percent and shooting victims increased by a bone-chilling 27 percent.  No matter where you stand on the gun issue, this is sobering data.

San Francisco may be a stunningly beautiful city, yet those who govern it do so with a pretty ugly hand and these recent stats bear this out.  Not only have they removed the ability of the law abiding to protect their homes and families, they have unwittingly (or purposefully) opened their doors to the most dangerous subsection of our society.  No matter how well-intentioned or touchy-feely a law may be, villains aren’t nice people.  If they don’t care about raping or murdering someone, why would they care about some silly ordinance that says they shouldn’t use a high cap magazine to get the job done?  In fact, a recent article on Breitbart recalled a November 21, 2013, ABC News 7 story that quoted San Francisco Veterans Police Officers Association’s Larry Barsetti as saying, “All you’re doing is impacting honest law-abiding citizens of San Francisco; the bad guys aren’t going to obey this law (high cap mag ban); they’re not supposed to be carrying in the first place.”

Sometimes it seems like leftist policy makers have some serious leaks in their think tanks.  Humor aside, this is serious business.  No one wants to mirror Baltimore’s vast failures.  No one wants to be Chicago.  And no matter how much social media whining is posted about gun violence, lives are not saved by going after the good guys.

San Francisco should consider this: Chicago, likely the most ardently gun-restrictive city in the nation has been forced to acknowledge in April alone of 2017, 45 people were shot and killed.  45 in ONE month.  Total murders hover around 197 – and the overwhelming majority were at the hands of a shooter.

No matter how good it makes someone feel, gun control is a dismal – and dangerous failure.



  1. Curtis on May 4, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Hey Gavin Newsom are you feeling safer in your little City ?!!
    Tyranny is bad for the politicians

  2. Jeff A Williams on May 25, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    You people there in the land of fruits and nuts are gonna be begging your wacko leaders to let more people have permits to carry. When are you going to realize that the good guy’s aren’t the ones committing the crimes.