Anti-Gun Prof Protests Campus Carry with Helmet and Vest

San Antonio Adjunct Professor Charles Smith | Photo courtesy of James “Hot Mustard” Velten

There are a ton of terrific things about America – we live longer here than any other country, we have more opportunities for upward mobility and we have the freedom to do just about anything we want.  We can be a pinhead or a politician (more often than not they are one in the same).  And unlike any other nation on the planet, our Constitution protects us, no matter how goofy we are.

Take the college professor from Texas – who recently showed up dressed to impress with an Army helmet and bullet proof vest in protest of the new campus carry laws.

  “This is me making a statement that I do not approve of it [campus carry], and I feel threatened,” Charles Smith told The Ranger news outlets, which serve the Alamo Community College District.

On August 1, Texas community and junior colleges joined the list of places CCW permit holders can carry their firearms and clearly, the adjunct professor is petrified, hence the vest and helmet.

“These guys have guns,” he said, raising concerns with the maturity of his students, not knowing what goes on the fertile, yet immature brains of students in their 20’s.    He also repeated a favorite whopper of the anti-gunners, falsely charging that President Trump signed a law that allowed “mentally impaired” individuals to buy firearms.  (Truth is, the President signed a repeal of his predecessor’s Social Security Administration (SSA) rule that was issued in the waning weeks of his presidency.  It targeted disability insurance recipients who were wrongly portrayed as mentally defective for having a “representative payee” help them manage their benefits.  The media reported, however, that Trump was practically passing out guns in mental hospitals!)

Still, this fake news played nicely into the college prof’s hands and he went on to fearfully say that if a student receives a bad grade, he just didn’t know how the student would react if they are carrying a weapon.

“What if a student gets an F in my class? It is automatically my fault…”

Smith sadly doesn’t follow this to a logical conclusion.  Permission to carry a gun on campus isn’t going to flip some frustrated student’s switch to commit murder.  Just like with all other absurd gun laws – bad guys are going to do bad things – regardless of a law written by some ivory tower politician – not to mention CCW holders are among the most law abiding in the nation.

The helmet-topped prof would do well to have a conversation with Shayna Lopez-Rivas, who was sexually assaulted on Florida State University’s campus 3 years ago. These days, she’s out in front pushing for colleges to allow permitted students to carry guns on campus.  She wants to prevent the nightmare of an assault like hers – and thinks her fellow students should have the ability to protect themselves from an armed attacker.

In describing her attacker, Lopez-Rivas said “He had a knife, I had pepper spray, and even though I ran for blue lights that are scattered all around, [he was] faster, stronger, and I did not win. . . The way that I carry [my gun] now, I would have been able to prevent what happened to me.”

We know that wearing a bullet proof vest and helmet is a symbolic, yet silly statement encouraged by the Left to stir up fear about people with guns.   Their fear would be far-better focused on the evil-doers in the world, because crime data repeatedly confirms that repeat offenders dominate the criminal justice system – not college students granted a CCW by their local sheriff.

Neither Smith nor Lopez-Riva wants to be a victim.  The difference is that Lopez-Riva isn’t interested in making a silly statement to stir up fear and controversy.  She’s all action.  She writes:

“As a gun rights activist, I can write all day about our Second Amendment rights. I will throw down statistics like how 0.1 percent of rapes were completed when women used a firearm as compared to a 34 percent completion rate when women used any other form of self-defense. Or how with the exception of two, all the mass shootings since the 1950’s have been in gun free zones….  I fight for my Second Amendment rights because I believe I should never have a chance of getting raped again. I won’t deny the possibility of getting injured, but my gun gives me a chance that pepper spray, stun guns, and pocketknives never will… And I won’t be denied the right to have that chance of surviving a potential attack rather than being assaulted again.

My bet’s on her not being victimized again.  Hands down.