That’s Right: We Need More Men with Guns – Not Less

A curious headline this week from mainstream media’s USA Today actually acknowledged that “Guns don’t kill people – men and boys kill people.” If the story ended there, it would be fine, but they just had to jump into the deep end of the propaganda pool citing the real problem with guns had everything to do with “the stereotypical and historically harmful definition of what it means to be a man…”

With stories like this, it’s no wonder we think the media is in bed with Michael Bloomberg or the Brady Campaign.

Thank God there’s a flip side to this anti-man/anti-gun coin.  Enter a piece from the Federalist, which is bold enough to exclaim Why We Need More Men With Guns, Not Less

Well now.  That’s not very PC to call for more men and more guns, but GOC is hollering AMEN.

D.C. McCallister writes Anti-gun activists would like you to think that gun violence is a growing problem in the United States as alpha males flock to gun shows to buy weapons. False.”

In a culture that is fast peddling the narrative that manliness is not only unnecessary, irrelevant and the scourge of American exceptionalism, it’s good to read an unrepentant perspective.  Instead of apologizing to the anti-gun train about the number of firearms in the good ‘ol USA, kudos to the Federalist for actually celebrating it.  Seemingly written in response to comments made by Matthew Dowd, a former Bush-Cheney campaign strategist, the current ABC News contributor was clearly suckered because he felt the need for contrition.  Dowd tweeted that we Americans need to alter “a culture celebrating guns equating them with strength combined with a bizarre antiquated manhood.”

Excuse me?

McAllister takes appropriate issue with this offensive comment, stating “A mass killing like the one we witnessed in Las Vegas is horrific, but we can’t extrapolate from this that gun violence is on the rise or that men who own guns are an inevitable threat. The fact is, mass shootings are still very rare, and most men who own guns aren’t out killing people. They’re mostly out saving lives or preparing to do so…”

McAllister then lands an eloquent one-two punch:

Dowd and others might call this “antiquated” masculinity, but I call it much-needed masculinity, and there’s nothing bizarre about it. A man who buys a gun to save a life, to protect the weak, is a strong and good man, just as a man who uses a gun to take a life is despicable and evil. The issue here is not the gun or even masculinity, but the character of the individual wielding the gun.

Unfortunately, there are few and far between who are bold enough to openly talk about character and the consequences of the choices we all make in life.  We are supposed to pretend it doesn’t matter – there is an excuse for everything and always someone else to blame.  Today, college courses are taught on “toxic masculinity”, Hollywood pretty boys are a dime a dozen, and the rugged masculinity of the “Marlboro Man” has gone into hiding (lest anyone think that’s a plug for tobacco, move on).  Men like Teddy Roosevelt understood the importance of setting the right example when he said:

I have told you that I wanted you not only to be decent, but to be strong. These boys will not admire virtue of a merely anemic type. They believe in courage, in manliness. They admire those who have the quality of being brave, the quality of facing life as life should be faced, the quality that must stand at the root of good citizenship in peace or in war… I want to see each man able to hold his own in the rough life outside, and also, when he is at home, a good man, unselfish…”

To conflate our constitutional right to firearm ownership with a dubious view of manhood is just plumb ignorant and dumb. To reiterate what McAllister says, the issue is not the gun or even masculinity, but the character of the individual wielding the gun.  This is not a difficult concept – and while we may spend hours shaking our collective heads why this is so tough for the Left to grasp, we must not let our guard down nor give an inch.

As men are diminished, as their power taken from them, the more evil grows. I, for one, don’t want that to happen. In this world riddled with evil, with growing centralized power, I want a good man with a good gun standing between me and those who want to strip me of my freedoms and my life – D.C. McAllister

To read the entire article by D.C, McCallister, click here.


  1. Paul on October 18, 2017 at 10:43 am

    I absolutely agree with this. We need more law-abiding men AND women with guns. It’s the first line of defense for our society.

    • William on November 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

      Definitely agree, times like this I’m glad I was raised around guns like my mother and father were. Taught how to care for them, shoot them, etc, and to be ready for whatever may come.

      “Always hope for the best of times, but be prepared for the worst.”

  2. ibrahim acar on March 2, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    very good information sharing

  3. harry kane on July 14, 2018 at 11:08 pm