NICK FREITAS: Liberty Rising and a Bonifide 2nd Amendment Statesman

Nick Freitas, Virginia Delegate – R-Culpeper

The 2nd Amendment is always looking for heroes.  These days when many in public service would rather hide under a rock or capitulate than be at the tip of the Constitutional spear, it’s good when we can find one who is actually worthy of attention.  Someone who does more than regurgitate the usual “stuff.”

Along comes Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, who made a stunning appearance in the midst of America’s current, yet histrionic gun debate.  His fiery speech before the Virginia House last week (watch it here) has pretty much rocked our world – maybe his honest, respectful, yet take-no prisoner approach was due to his background as a Green Beret.  Whatever it is, we need more of it.  With no hesitation, he calmly and skillfully requested an honest debate on the gun issue – simultaneously letting the other side know that we will not tolerate being called Nazis or segregationists.

He’s in his second term as Delegate (the name for Virginia’s state representative) and prior to his election, served in the US Army Special Forces and did two tours of duty in Iraq.  With near military-precision, Frietas stood before his colleagues and proficiently picked apart the Left’s false narrative – the one that drives dialogue to the pit of emotion, yet solves nothing.  He echoed what GOC has been saying for years:  LET’S PLEASE HAVE AN HONEST DEBATE.  To force a choice between a teacher or child and the 2nd Amendment is bogus and downright repugnant.  Freitas was absolutely eloquent as he pulled off the mask of the anti-gunners – from their extraordinary lack of respect for those of another perspective, to their statistical dishonesty on issues of gun free zones and self protection.

Evidently, however, his speech offended some of his colleagues to such a degree that they walked out.   Watch the speech – we’d love to hear what stood out to you – and what was offensive – if anything.  GOC finds the walk-out particularly interesting and hypocritical, because people on our side of the debate aren’t supposed to be offended by being told we are the ones with blood on our hands.  They can call us murderers, fascists and terrorists even – and the Left expects us to let such vitriol go unchallenged.  GOC could write a book about this, because we face a perpetual garbage dump of ugliness at the Capitol, and we never shy from confronting it.  It’s just good to to see someone like Freitas get some well deserved national attention for taking on the Left and saying what needed to be said.

Freitas was born in California but his love of our country’s historical roots drove him to Virginia, but it sure is our loss.  We are happy, however, that in the bleak landscape of politics, there are actually true statesmen among us.  Even if they serve the Commonwealth of Virginia.



  1. Bill P on March 13, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    He nailed it! This is one of the best speeches I have ever heard on the topic. I wish this would get national coverage.
    Can we bring him back to California?

  2. Lance Vasquez on March 15, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Man, this guy needs to run for president. Let the truth be heard !