Scarlet Letter or Yellow Badge? LA City Council Votes to Brand Businesses Who Support the 2nd Amendment

Bolstering their reputation as an anti-2nd Amendment stronghold, the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a measure requiring city contractors to disclose if they have ties to the National Rifle Association.

In other words, they slapped a scarlet letter on those businesses who admit they support the 2nd Amendment.

Given the 10-0 unanimous vote, the anti-gun hostility of LA’s elected leaders couldn’t be more clear.  Led by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, he stated “for the sake of transparency, the city’s residents and stakeholders deserve to know how the city’s public funds are being spent, and whether taxpayer funds are being spent on contractors that have … ties with the NRA.” O’Farrell also said, “the roadblock to gun safety legislation across the United States is the National Rifle Association.

Roadblock? Let’s get real here:  we all know that “gun safety” legislation is nothing more than code for “gun control” and more specifically “gun bans,” particularly in urban areas that are often led by left-leaning politicians.  There’s no way around the fact that the intent of this measure is meant to stigmatize, intimidate, and financially bankrupt businesses who support pro-gun groups.  It’s interesting to note that LA’s City Council has not passed – nor even introduced – any measure that requires contractors to disclose ties to terrorist or criminally subversive radical organizations.  And, even worse, the City is actually balking at taking money from the federal government to fight terrorism, citing “social justice” concerns.

Anyone with an IQ above that of a deck chair could figure out LA’s new policy has nothing to do with transparency and everything to do with political bullying. The City Council has jumped straight into the sewer by intimidating Americans who exercise their 1st Amendment Right of freedom of association, just because they hate the 2nd Amendment.  In fact, six of the ten current city council members previously served in the State Legislature – and every last one of them was a consistent – and vocal – anti-gun vote.

Tim Macy, Chairman of the Board of both Gun Owners of California and Gun Owners of America said that this is nothing more than an effort to demonize gun owners.  “We’ve seen this kind of official intimidation in recent history, and it’s never a pretty sight’ commented Macy.

When Jews were forced to wear Yellow Badges prior to World War II, it was done in an effort to isolate and dehumanize them, marking them as being different (i.e., inferior) to everyone else.”

“Isn’t this exactly what the L.A. City Council is trying to do?” Macy asked.

Whether a scarlet letter or yellow badge, any government who calls out a business for supporting the Constitution doesn’t understand liberty or freedom.  Even though the LA measure stops short of calling for “official” discrimination of NRA member businesses, the plea for transparency is a calculated maneuver with a sleazy goal.  Imagine the uproar if members of the city council were required disclose what groups they support…in their private lives.


  1. Brian Lewis on October 22, 2018 at 2:20 am

    Now that’s the kind of straight talk the entire country needs to hear, all day, every day.

  2. judy jensen on February 28, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    Wake Up America, they are after our rights and they are succeeding!!