1000 NEW CALIFORNIA LAWS? Holy Nightmare Batman!

1,016 more rounds of ammo:  GOOD

1,016 more dollars in a bank account: GOOD

1,016 more laws in California:  BAD.

The last thing California needs are new laws, but as of January 1, 2019, that’s what we have – 1016 to be exact.  They run the gamut from gender neutral drivers’ licenses, increased DMV registration fees and divorce custody decrees for pets. But the biggest kick in the fanny was directed at the 2nd Amendment, because some chumps actually think guns keep growing trigger fingers.

California, a fortress of protection against the dangers of plastic straws and non-vegan inmate meals, went after our gun rights with a vengeance, and they are eager to have at it again once the gavel opened the 2019-2020 legislative session.  Just days in, we are looking at bills to levy excise taxes on gun purchases, expansions of Gun Violence Restraining Orders, and a big bump in certain misdemeanors that could permanently end gun rights.

From GOC’s perspective, 1,016 laws are about 1,000 too many, but before anyone gets their boxers in a bunch, we concede there are circumstances that require new laws.  Case in point – it was a good idea to close the cavernous loophole on smoking a joint while driving, but the vast majority of what’s eating up code-section paper is just a means for politicians to beat their chest and say “lookie what I did!

Most elected officials gauge their legislative legacy by how many of their bills were signed by the Governor.  It’s puzzling, however, why more don’t measure success by how much legislative trash they’ve been able to dump, because that is how to be a true advocate for the citizens of California. To not make a grand stink every time a restrictive/bureaucratic/big government/anti-gun policy rolls off the tongue of some liberal is a lost opportunity. Rather than a negative, confronting bad stuff is a positive – and necessary act.  Instead of fighting a defensive battle, why not figure out how to leverage their weaknesses and mistakes?  Few seem to comprehend that failing to do this is an admission that there are no “liberal” weaknesses.

This is a huge error in strategy, and reveals a sad truth about a lot of so-called small-government guys and gals.  They shut their eyes to the obvious, and instead itch for the public’s help in introducing some new way to grow the government and save the world through legislation. We say STOP IT.  Rather than looking for some new statute, why not open it up for ideas on how to eliminate some of the garbage that is squeezing the very life out of individuals and business in California?

As 2019 inches forward, GOC encourages YOU to encourage YOUR legislators to stand up for the 2nd Amendment and to stand against policies that chip away at our freedoms.  Make them accountable.  Motivate your friends and families to hold your representatives’ feet to the fire!  Remember, if they don’t hear from us, there is no reason to pay attention to us.



  1. Mark Pool on February 15, 2019 at 8:01 am

    Boy..truly embarrassed by my state’s leadership..let’s just make a law that crime is unlawful…that’ll fixer…Then ..get back in our Priuses an go to a locavour, vegan, free range, non-GMO, sustainable , alternative lifestyle, Thai food lunch spot. We’ll chat about our incredible political abilities…and how we are sooo good at “fixin” our state….check please

  2. judy jensen on February 28, 2019 at 10:09 am

    What these blind babies don’t realize is that disarming law abiding citizens will only open the doors for criminals to come on in and rob,rape,murder, etc. The criminals don’t follow laws ! I don’t understand why we are all sitting around complaining and not doing something to stop these fools! If we the people all gathered together ( All the gun owners in America) came together in one place God help the law makers. We need to STOP this NOW!!!!

  3. Steve Klinger on March 7, 2019 at 9:20 am

    Support the right to open carry in California