Gun Control Raises Ugly Head as CA Legislature Returns to Town

Slowly but surely, the California Legislature is rolling into 2021, and although they have been “encouraged” to go light on bill introduction, there’s little chance that will happen.  The pull of having one’s name on a bill is simply too seductive.

The deadline for bills to be introduced by both the Senate and the Assembly is February 19 so we won’t really know the entirety of the damage until then.  That said, it’s no surprise the anti’s have already started their plunge into legislation that’s heavy on vanity and short on value:  check out the bills we are monitoring on a daily basis:

AB 311 | Ward-D / Firearms: Gun Shows / OPPOSE

This bill would prohibit a vendor at a gun show or event from possessing, displaying, selling, or transferring any firearm precursor parts. It would prohibit a vendor who has been convicted of a violation of those provisions from participating in any gun show or event in this state for one year after the date of the conviction.

  • BOTTOM LINE: This makes no sense. If you already designate “certified precursor parts dealers”, what difference does it make where they conduct their legal business? This is a blatant effort to eliminate gun shows – pure and simple. The details of this bill are superfluous as the following from the Brady Campaign demonstrates.

They recently took to Twitter congratulating Assemblyman Ward on the bill’s introduction, stating “It’s simple: Anything that can be assembled into a gun should be treated as a gun. Thank you to @AsmChrisWard for introducing this proactive, common-sense legislation to stop the flow of untraceable and unregulated “ghost guns.” #CAleg @ca_brady

SB 252 | Wiener-D / Bears: Prohibition on Taking / OPPOSE

This bill would make it unlawful to hunt, trap, or otherwise take a bear, except under specified circumstances, including under a depredation permit. The bill would remove the designation of game mammal for bears, thereby designating a bear as a nongame mammal, and would eliminate bear tags.

  • BOTTOM LINE: Like it or not, having a human/wildlife interface in the same environment makes it incumbent on humans to manage wildlife populations to conserve the animals and to prevent over population of wildlife species. The result of overpopulation is starvation and disease. The banning of bear hunting would result in the same thing that has happened with the unrestrained overpopulation of mountain lions in California. Hunting is a time proven scientific aspect of wildlife management.

SB 81 | Skinner-D / Firearms: Licensed Firearms Dealers / OPPOSE
This bill pertains to how a licensed firearms dealer conducts business; although the language is currently “technical and non-substantive” we are still opposing.

  • BOTTOM LINE: Given the staunch 2nd Amendment hostility expressed by author Senator Nancy Skinner, the bill merits an oppose out of the gate. She has made no bones about her disdain for the constitutionally protected right to possess firearms.

SB 264 | Min-D / Firearm Sales on State Property / OPPOSE
This bill would prohibit a state officer or employee, or operator, lessee, or licensee of any state-owned property, from contracting for, authorizing, or allowing the sale of any firearm or ammunition on state property.

  • BOTTOM LINE: Plain and simple, this bill is yet another attempt to ban gun shows at fairgrounds. The legislature just won’t accept that the courts have explicitly ruled they can’t make such a law. If this bill does go through it will most assuredly be challenged in the courts.

GOC is pleased to support the following bill by Assemblman Rodriguez:

AB 228 | Rodriguez-D / Receiving Stolen Property: Firearms / SUPPORT

This bill would, upon approval by the voters, make knowingly buying or receiving a stolen firearm, as specified, regardless of the value of the firearm, punishable as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

  • BOTTOM LINE: This is a positive correction of the “slap-on-the-hand” damage done by Proposition 47 in 2014, which required the theft of firearm valued under $950 to only be treated as a misdemeanor.

Although the Capitol building remains closed to GOC staff and the general public, rest assured we will continue to monitor and make our views known to the policymakers and their staffs.  Being armed and informed is one of GOC’s key goals, so in order to stay up-to-speed on all 2nd Amendment related bills currently before the State Legislature, click here and follow the prompts.

Also, check out our Legislative Resources here – we have links to the Legislative Calendar and some solid tips on the value of citizen lobbying (we may  be in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but these tips are nonetheless helpful for when face-to-face communication returns).

As always, it’s an uphill battle here in California but we are stand ready to take on the anti-gun community with intensity and passion.  Stay tuned!



  1. Geoff on February 1, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    “It’s simple: Anything that can be assembled into a gun should be treated as a gun.”
    Well, I guess iron pipes, endcaps and screws at the DIY stores are now illegal to sell at a gun show because you can make a single shot slam fire 12 Gauge shotgun.
    I guess that would also make it illegal to sell stripped uppers, barrels, bolt carrier groups and every other part of a gun, including wood rifle stocks.
    Democrats are stupid.

    • John Dunlap on February 1, 2021 at 8:23 pm

      No, they are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. The primary goal is to enforce a de facto firearms ban, but creative thought in general is a threat to authoritarians, so killing the local hardware and hobbyist businesses is a side benefit for them. They aren’t stupid; they’re evil.