How Dare You Blame the Innocent

The Left Can’t See Their Way to Blame the Killer

There’s been another shooting and the Left howls “It’s time for sensible gun laws…”

I say it’s time for something else.

It’s time to get mad. Damn mad.  Enough is enough – no more stoically taking the disgusting garbage thrown at 2A supporters following a shooting.

I think it’s long past time for some “HOW DARE YOU’S”.

How dare you blame any shooting deaths – which have been perpetrated by MONSTERS – on lawful, decent people?  There is no other word for this but vicious.

How dare you negligently refuse to place blame where the blame is due – on the MONSTER – and not on an inanimate object that has zero power without the hands that hold it? The word for this is ignorance.

How dare you refuse to protect children in such soft targets by opposing armed school personnel? This makes a mockery of your tears for children.

How dare you cry more about misgendering a MONSTER who killed babies than the act itself of mowing down innocent humans in a barrage of bullets? This is nothing more than bending the knee to a woke mob.

How dare you litter the airwaves with lies and dangerous assumptions – before facts are available – exploiting a gruesome tragedy to push an anti-gun agenda?  You can do this with impunity because you have willing and lazy partners in the media, but we are going to call you on every malicious comment.

How dare you blame the premeditated actions of a MONSTER on a school whose goal is to educate children in a way that prepares them to impact their culture and think in accordance with timeless Truth? No one gets a pass on killing those with whom they disagree.

In closing, how dare you mock the kindness of strangers who want to offer not only prayers but physical comfort to those who are grieving a horrific loss?  We pray that those who have ridiculed the prayers of good people never have to face the tragedy of The Covenant School. But if it were to happen, an awful lot of decent people would be praying for you – regardless of your hostile world view.

Reality is a tough concept for those who are eager to dismantle the Second Amendment.  The bottom line is that the “do something” acolytes are screaming about things that will absolutely “do nothing.”  The evidence is clear and has been borne out time and time again, but still, we continue to hear the same, tired mantra to “do something.”  There is no motivation to think beyond the gun.  Considering the condition of the heart takes much more effort.

The ugliness, ignorance and sanctimonious nature of the Left goes before them like a diseased breath.  And we have a message for them:  Gun Owners of California and the Second Amendment Community are like an immovable wall.  We aren’t going anywhere.  There will be no compromise of our God given rights.  Period.


  1. Bob on April 8, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    Agree 100%

  2. Lou Demas on April 10, 2023 at 3:44 pm

    It is time for common sense car laws to stop needless deaths on our highways and streets. Also we need red flag laws to get dangerous drivers off streets and highways.

  3. Steve Henley on April 10, 2023 at 7:30 pm

    Biden is a buffoon.
    The world is full of sick people with no God or hope. It is a dark place that is getting darker.
    The Dimocrats seem to be content spreading a Godless message.

  4. Steve Henley on April 10, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    Biden is an idiot.
    The world is a dark place and it is only getting darker. It is full of sick people with no source of hope in their lives. It is a sad time when the President and his party only use these incidents to vilify their political opponents. The Dimocrats bring nothing useful to the table.