Smash and Grabs Not the Fault of New CA Laws?  GOC Calls BALONEY

The Increase In Gun Ownership ROCKS the Left

Gun control reigns supreme here in California but in spite of this anti-2A headlock, gun ownership continues to be at an all-time high.  Between reports of dwindling police forces plus a sharp rise in homicides, it’s no wonder people are resorting to being their own first line of defense.  No fear mongering here – this is today’s reality.  In fact, according to California Healthline, more than 1 million Californians bought a gun during the first year of the pandem

ic and this comes straight from Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office.  And, to make these figures even more stunning, over 460,000 were first time gun buyers. 

Stuff like this rocks the Left to it’s very core.  When they hear, too, that new polling by NBC News  shows that a full 52 percent of American voters either personally own a gun or live with someone who does, they start clutching their pearls in earnest.  And we didn’t need a September Pew poll to tell us that the overwhelming reason Americans own guns is for personal protection. Full stop.  Pew reports that “About three-quarters (72%) of gun owners say that protection is a major reason they own a gun.”

Self-protection must be a foreign concept to the Left; do they not realize that many folks are weighing whether it’s smarter to shop for Christmas this year by scrolling through Amazon – or bank on the likelihood that Target, Nordstrom or CVS won’t be the scene of a smash and grab.  The possibility of facing a throng of marauding, thieving thugs is enough for anyone to stay home – especially with children in tow.  This growing criminal activity has taken a huge toll on potential shoppers and the retail industry alike.

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2022 Retail Security Survey, 8 out of 10 retailers reported increased incidents of violence and aggression in the past year, which has led to a phenomenal $112.1 billion in losses, up from $93.9 billion in 2021.

This is a sobering fact, and it is the direct result of implementing laws that define the theft of anything under $950 – including firearms – as a misdemeanor.  Add to this, the vast majority of these crimes will not be prosecuted.  What exactly did the powers that be expect?  But the Left squawks that raising felony theft thresholds have no impact on crime – which makes them look like ridiculous dunderheads. Did it ever enter their pea brains to research the impact on crime if it were made clear that offenders wouldn’t be detained – let alone arrested and gaspprosecuted?  Of course not.

In fact, a recent LA Times op ed embarrassingly  reported that we should be grateful and “relieved” that the police didn’t intervene in recent Southland mob thieveries – because if law enforcement had engaged, there may have been a shootout – or hostages.  Thinking like this is a clear sign that we are either doomed or that the powers that be had donated their brain to science long before they were done with it! They must have never heard of the word “deterrent.” Nor do they have any confidence in law enforcement.

Both Prop 47 (misnamed the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act) and the similarly misnamed Prop 57 (The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016) reclassified felony penalties and parole laws.  They have created a public safety fiasco in California and other states should take serious note. GOC and other like-minded groups are working hard to turn the tide on “dumb” and what these policies mean when it comes to crime and gun ownership.  Join us on pushing back.