SB 2: No Better Word Than REPUGNANT

SB2 is sweeping, repugnant to the Second Amendment, and openly defiant of the Supreme Court.”

In a stinging rebuke aimed directly at the anti-gun souls of Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Anthony Portantino, U.S. District Judge Carney descriptively declared the “sensitive places” law as both unconstitutional and repugnant.  This is a graphic jab that means “arousing disgust or aversion; offensive or repulsive.” 

We couldn’t agree more.

What the Leftists in the California Legislature have done to the Second Amendment is just that – and they are eager to continue in a repugnant vein.  Refreshed from their 3-month break, they returned to Sacramento last week and are quite literally foaming at the mouth.  Not only are they angsty given their latest loss in the courts, but election season has begun in earnest.  They have sharpened their political knives and their tongues. They are ready for war, so gird your loins, people!

That said, the Hefty Lefties are a few beers short of a six pack because even though they were successful in passing a hot load of anti-Bruen policy in 2023, the majority of the ridiculous new laws are being challenged in the courts.  Simply put, fantasy is not guaranteed by the Constitution.

Meanwhile, on the flip side – that which is called reality – we can celebrate the extraordinary intellect of judges such as Cormac Carney and Roger Benitez, both of whom have a keen understanding of what “constitutional” means.

Quoting Judge Carney, he began his opinion on SB 2 stating the cold, hard truth that “We live in dangerous times. Nearly every day we are barraged with stories about school shootings, attacks on places of worship, and other unthinkable acts of violence and cruelty.”

He continued by stating “SB2 requires that law-abiding citizens open themselves up for slaughter at the hands of people flaunting the law and creates numerous areas ripe for mass murder by ensuring there is no one there to protect people.”

Of course, he is 100% correct.

Carney also made note that previous Supreme Court decisions supporting the Second Amendment make it clear that “individuals must be able to effectuate their right to self-defense by, if they so choose, responsibly bearing arms”.   (To read Judge Carney’s full ruling, click here. On December 30, his injunction was stayed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and on January 6, they lifted the stay. Read more here).

Without question, gun control will be taking center stage as we move further into 2024; even President Biden has bragged that he is making it a key campaign strategy.  The Left has made it abundantly clear that this election year is do or die – and frankly – this is one area where we actually agree. Every election is important, but in case you haven’t noticed, as a nation and as a state, we aren’t just veering left, but we’ve taken a hard, catastrophic left turn and it’s landed us in a treacherous ditch. The rights for the innocent and law abiding must never be determined by the bad action of lawbreakers, yet that’s precisely the world in which we reside.

It is crucial that we engage in the battle against this;  GOC will continue our work to make certain that 2A voters are armed and informed.  The garbage that is thrown against the Second Amendment and the law-abiding is tough to stomach, but battle it we must.  We couldn’t agree more with Judge Roger Benitez when he referenced California’s anti-2A penchant:

“It is enough to make an angel swear.”


  1. Daniel J McGinn on January 15, 2024 at 3:35 pm

    Now that they can not keep you from carrying they have raised the tax on ammunition to make it unaffordable. Calling it a SIN TAX.

  2. Hunting.Targ on January 25, 2024 at 7:18 pm

    There is a silver lining to SB2; since Bruen axed “good cause” clauses such as the one that has been on the books in CA for decades, SB2 was passed spelling out “objective criteria” (from AG Bonta’s own website) for issuing/denying a CCW permit. Yes it references the broken NICS system, but it keeps asanine sheriffs and police chiefs from banhammering applicants based on the lack of “good cause” as defined by them. It also keeps them from turning a blind eye to applicants who are legitimately disqualified by NICS (like the hordes of people who belong a southerly elsewhere). If we can keep those parts of SB2 and bury the no-carry zone portions, the 2A-haters will be forced to sit on their own broomsticks.