San Diego’s Run On Guns: The Border Crisis and More

Firearms United California in El Cajon

On Monday, April 15, the New York Post published a piece that was sure to make California Leftists get their knickers in a twist:

‘Californians Are Buying Up Guns After Border Patrol Starts Dumping Thousands Of Migrants On Streets’

 A run on guns in San Diego? Could this be evidence that residents are rattled because of the massive increase in illegal migrant crossings in this border city?  According to the Post, such crossings in February averaged a whopping 1,200 per day and if that weren’t alarming enough, San Diego processing centers have reached an “eye-popping 245% of capacity.”  They are not only unable to accommodate the massive numbers, but the centers are also incapable of vetting the migrants, so they have been released directly on to the streets.  This has created an elevated level of concern, and yes – fear.

That’s why there’s been a significant bump in gun sales.  It’s no wonder that residents are making decisions to step up their personal protection and are arming themselves. The Post recently interviewed Cory Gautereaux, owner of Firearms Unlimited California and he admitted the situation has been “unsettling.” “The problem for people that live around the gun store is the street drop-offs,” Gautereaux said.

This level of concern is not limited to San Diego and border cities, however.  According to Pew Research, American gun owners “continue to cite protection far more than other factors, including hunting and sport shooting, as a major reason they own a gun.”  A full 71% of those who own guns enjoy having a gun, and yes – in no surprise to GOC, 81% feel safer owning one.

What’s actually more shocking than people buying guns for personal protection is the level of squawking that comes from the Left; they are genuinely surprised when the public reacts to the dire consequences that come from their bad policies.  What do they think is going to happen when our borders have a big welcome sign and no process to effectively vet those who illegally enter our country?

The Border Patrol is our first line of defense and they certainly have thoughts on the matter.  In a statement to the Post by the San Diego National Border Patrol Council President Manny Bayon, they are in a tough position given that “we only know what we have in our databases, but when they’re coming from other countries, if the United States doesn’t have cooperation we don’t know what their background is in their country.”  He went on to say that “It’s affecting morale very much so because obviously we took an oath to defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. There’s no consequences for anyone coming to the United States now,” Bayon said of the mass releases and the inability to properly vet them.

In remarks to the Post, resident and Firearms United customer Keith Carnevale said he’s armed his entire family.  My wife and I have had home defense guns for many years. Recently, though, with all the stuff that’s happening south of the border and all the people coming over, my concerns have broadened.”   His son Anthony Carnevale also came in to purchase a gun and questioned whether the San Diego area was sufficiently prepared to handle the large numbers of individuals being released.  I don’t think it’s just a matter of the numbers of undocumented people, I think a lot of people are concerned about the state of our own government to be just allowing this and why.”            `                               

Longtime resident of San Diego County and former Assemblyman and SD County Undersheriff Jay La Suer expressed alarm about what is happening in his own back yard – and the country at large.

“Our national leadership has destroyed our borders and allowed millions of illegal aliens into our nation without vetting them. Thousands from nations who have nothing but contempt for America and our society blatantly stream across our borders, smuggling fentanyl and bringing with them their dislike and contempt for our way of life and our citizens while our government looks the other way…it appears, to at least the casual observer, that our government is inviting disaster to visit its wrath upon the very people our leaders swore to protect.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


  1. Steven Whitney on April 22, 2024 at 6:01 pm

    I’d like to know why no one has sued the Federal government for bringing these millions of illegals into our country without vetting each and every one of them? It is the Presidents JOB to protect the CITIZENS of this country and he has failed in the world’s worst way. He is a traitor to us all and needs to be tried and dealt with accordingly.

  2. Conrad T Gomez on April 23, 2024 at 8:53 am

    the borders are out of control drugs, murderers, people who hate us are here now we have Moslems in USA chanting down with America (on the news and videos), drugs, cartel is here now, sex trade abuse of US Citizens by the US Government to allow an open border policy.
    Why does the US Government hate its citizens? close the borders for a period of time? Trac k down the border jumpers and send them back!!!!
    Our Veterans have died for our Country and the President gives it away.

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