Legislative offices are literally flooded with phone calls on legislation so we have a few tips to make certain your position is recorded and that you speak to someone in a position of authority.

  • If you just want to register your position on a bill, be very brief:  “My name is Bob Brown.  I am from (place of residence) and am calling to ask (legislator’s name) to oppose/support AB/SB XXX.” Don’t say you are a constituent if you do not live in the member’s district.  If you are a resident of his/her district, then certainly mention this.
  • ALWAYS be polite to whomever answers the phone – remember, they have the ability to pass your message along or toss it in the round file.
  • If you want to have a conversation with a staff member and want to know more information such as a legislator’s position on a bill or the status, ask who handles 2nd Amendment issues. This can be a good opportunity to share a personal story or example of why a bill is good public policy or bad.  Do not berate or threaten if you don’t like their position.
  • DON’T EVER mention anything having to do with financial contributions to a legislator (or staff) during the course of a conversation about a bill.  This is a felony.  It is legal, however, to mention (in a non-threatening manner) your support or opposition to them in the next election – just no money-talk.
  • Thank them for their courtesy, and again, always be professional.  Please take the time to express your appreciation for past votes if they are a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

**Members can be reached in either their District or Capitol Offices.  District Offices generally handle local issues and Capitol Offices are more legislatively focused.