SB 1253 (Gonzalez) – Opposition Letter

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March 25, 2024 –


Dear Assemblymember Gonzalez,

I am writing to express Gun Owners of California’s opposition to your SB 1253, which would prohibit a person from possessing a firearm unless they had a valid, unexpired firearm safety certificate.

Unfortunately, this bill will not solve the many issues that come with the criminal misuse of a firearm; rather, it puts the onus on conscientious individuals who collectively, have not demonstrated a need to prove they are indeed, responsible.

According to the UC Davis’ “Firearm Ownership in California,” there are well over 4.2million individual gun owners in the state.  With the number of unintentional firearm related deaths hovering at roughly 50 per year, this equates to a miniscule number – .0012% – of gun owners that are involved in a firearms accident.

And finally – there is a big distinction between a privilege and a right. The Constitution does not guarantee individuals the right to drive a car – this is considered a privilege.  But it does, however, clearly protect the right to possess firearms. That being said, to require every Californian who owns a gun to apply for a safety certificate is analogous to mandating every reporter submit to a grammar test before filing a story. Licensing a right is contrary to the very foundation to the principles of the United States and frankly – what differentiates us from the rest of the world.

GOC has been a long-standing and vocal proponent of responsible and safe gun ownership; this does not mean, however, that it is good or necessary public policy to force over 4 million lawful individuals to submit to a firearm safety test on a regular basis.  It is punitive to those who respect the law and ignores the real crux of the problem: the criminal element of our society who routinely and deliberately snub their noses at it.

It is for these reasons that GOC must oppose SB 1253; I would be pleased to discuss this with you at your convenience.



Sam Paredes

Sam Paredes, Executive Director