VETO Request – Multiple Bills

September 20, 2023


The Honorable Gavin Newsom State Capitol Sacramento, California 95814



Dear Governor Newsom:

Gun Owners of California is writing to respectfully request your veto of the following bills:

  • AB 574: This legislation unnecessarily mandates that gun buyers verify on the Dealer Record of Sale that all firearms owned are in their confirmed possession.
  • AB 725: This proposal inappropriately redefines a firearm to include frames, receivers and pre-cursor parts for the purpose of reporting lost or stolen guns.
  • AB 1406: With respect to eligibility, both gun and ammunition purchasers are oftentimes notified by the Department of Justice of a “hold” and must submit a second background check – for which they must pay again. This bill would permit the DOJ to delay eligibility by an additional 30 days; this is unnecessary and punitive.
  • AB 1420: This bill grants the Department of Justice additional authority to inspect and assess fines on gun dealers. There is no evidence that there is a problem that necessitates a statutory correction.
  • AB 1483: The proposal expands the current 30-day prohibition on the purchase of a firearms to include pre-cursor parts. Again, there is no evidence that multiple purchases of firearms increases the misuse of guns by lawful, responsible gun owners.

Thank you for your consideration.


Sam Paredes, Executive Director

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