2020 Current Legislation

GOC WAS OPPOSED TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING BILLS: (Click on bill number to view text and status)

AB 2362: Muratsuchi/D – SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
Allows DOJ to fine gun stores out of business for minor paperwork violations.

Forces manufacturers to use microstamping technology in order to have handguns on approved roster. Also, this bill deletes three models from the roster for every one “new” microstamped handgun.

SB 914: Portantino /D – VETOED BY GOVERNOR
This bill is a complex and convoluted mess that will seriously undermine youth shooting programs throughout the state by mandating that only parents – not a relative, a school or legitimate shooting club – can provide a firearm to anyone under 18. This means that every competitive youth shooter – or kid that wants to go hunting with a grandparent – will not be able to use any firearm unless it’s provided by the parents.  This will literally gut high school shooting teams in the state.  The Left somehow thinks this will put a chill on “gun violence.” In spite of waiting on hold for an interminable time, GOC was never able to add our OPPOSITION to the record.

Makes it illegal to import or possess African species trophies – this is the camel’s nose under the tent to eliminate hunting in the state.

SB 118This was signed by Governor Newsom, and is by far, the worst of 2020’s anti-gun bills.
Inserted in the 66 pages of the Senate’s 2020 Public Safety “trailer bill”, the Legislature circumvented budget transparency with language that significantly expands the definition of assault weapons to include “pifles” – firearms that are not rifles, shotguns or handguns (typically including firearms that do not have a shoulder stock). The bill also mandates a new statewide electronic system for the sale of firearm precursor parts that is similar to both the Dealer Record of Sales and the ammunition purchase approval systems. That means the DOJ has the authority to define what constitutes a firearm precursor part. The bill also limits the purchases of precursor parts to one every 30 days and accelerates the date of implementation from 2024 to July 1, 2022. A legal challenge is likely to follow.  Stay tuned.