GOC on the Move, Court Update and Other 2A News

GOC has been heavy on the trail for the past week – biggest news is that just days ago, GOC, along with GOA and GOF and other partners, filed an amicus brief with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the case challenging California’s draconian ammunition control laws (Rhode v Bonta). GOC argued the court should affirm the ruling of District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez that California’s ammunition laws were unconstitutional, given the recent SCOTUS ruling in NYSRPA v Bruen. The Appellate court has the option to affirm this case at their level which would overturn the laws, or the court can kick the can down the road and send the case back to Judge Benitez to re-start the case from scratch. Victory is inevitable for supporters of the Second Amendment. The only question is how long the court can drag this out. GOC has asked the 9th Circuit to do the right thing and do it now.

GOC’s Sam Paredes was the featured 2A “stump” speaker at a FixCalifornia rally this weekend – the group is committed to identifying the 1.4 million people throughout the state who have made it known they want to reverse the Leftist trend in California. Thousands of these folks are unregistered gun owners – and Sam was proud to represent the Second Amendment community in encouraging people to get friends and family registered to vote! You can help – direct people to register HERE   and consider the following according to Ammoland:

“(A)pproximately 369,511 individuals purchased a firearm in California who had not previously submitted a DROS application to the Department prior to January 1, 2020. As of March 12, 2021, approximately 42,548 individuals purchased a firearm who had not previously submitted a DROS application to the Department prior to January 1, 2021.”  Read the full story HERE.

We were also pleased to be a guest sponsor of “Off the Rocks” this weekend, an event sponsored by the extraordinary Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF), whose mission is to enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail.  It was a terrific celebration of shared values and deep appreciation of the great outdoors! We look forward to more opportunities to partner in the future.

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