The Legislature has adjourned for the year which means the leftists in charge can finally stop dismantling the 2nd Amendment and focus on something equally as disturbing:  getting themselves re-elected.

GOC has been actively lobbying on behalf of California’s gun owning citizens for over 40 years, and we certainly didn’t stop in 2018.  Not only have we testified in every single committee in both the Senate and the Assembly, but we have personally knocked on every legislator’s door with the message that punishing the lawful for the misdeeds of the unlawful is no way to stem the tide of crime.

5 bad bills were sent to Governor Brown in the closing hours of session, and this week, we met with a member of his staff who advises him on issues of public safety with the same message – gun control is the least effective way to control crime.  We don’t take a page out of the anti-gunners play book and use manipulated statistics – we provide serious, non-anecdotal data because the true stuff – the empirical data is 100% on our side.  The evidence is clear that undermining the 2nd Amendment does nothing but leave a population defenseless and victimized.

Please join us and add your voices in opposition to the following reckless proposals by calling or emailing Governor Brown, requesting his veto:

AB 2103 (Gloria/D)
This bill unnecessarily extends course training for a concealed weapons permit to at least 8 hours; this bill also mandates firing range exercise. No evidence shows this is necessary yet law enforcement supported the bill and snagged a few pro-gun legislators into going along with it.  There is evidence, however, that CCW holders – as a subsection of society – are more law abiding than even our friends in blue.

SB 221 (Wiener/D)
Senator Wiener thinks that prohibiting guns shows at the Cow Palace will stop the wave of crime that doesn’t happen – ignoring the fact that Crossroads of the West has operated gun shows throughout the state with a near perfect record of non-violence since 1941 – opening their doors for over a million people in the last year alone.

 SB 1100 (Portantino/D)
This bill unconstitutionally prohibits sale of any gun to anyone under 21. This is an unfortunate and hugely disrespectful slap in the face to the vast numbers of men and women who serve protecting our country – who are under the age of 21.  In fact, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, over 80% of Marine recruits are 20 and under.

SB 1177 (Portantino/D)
This proposal limits the purchase of any firearm to one per month, regardless that purchasing one, two or three guns per month is any indicator of possible future criminal activity.  The leftist’s crystal ball is notoriously incorrect, as they conveniently ignore the fact that most gun violence comes from stolen or illegally secured firearms at the hands of a criminal.

SB 1346 (Jackson/D)
Makes the definition of a multi-burst trigger activator to include bump fire stock.  This bill simply demonstrates the silliness of the anti-gun folks.  Why do we want to make something that is already illegal more “illegal-er??”

To send a letter by via the USPS:
Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

To reach him by phone/fax/email:
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160