A Open Note to the Assembly Appropriations Committee

After multiple attempts … yes, we said “attempts”, to testify in various committees on your behalf and in defense of the Second Amendment, have failed, GOC Executive Director sent an open message to the Chiefs of Staff to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, requesting the issue be resolved.  For more details on the issues GOC has recently experienced, read the story here

See open note below.


May 12, 2021

During today’s hearing there was a glitch with the AT&T phone system that prevented, from what we can tell, over 90 people from testifying for or against suspense bills.  By the time AT&T was able to correct the problem the committee had adjourned. This is outrageous.

I realize that some believe testimony to be a formality, but many of us with constituencies and who have been working to represent the views of thousands upon thousands of people do not view it that way. If this were the first time this has happened we might be a little more understanding but unfortunately this has happened multiple times.

For public transparency and for the sake of good government, this has to be addressed and corrected.




Sam Paredes, Executive Director of Gun Owners of California