Anti-Gun Campaign Begins in Earnest – And Other 2A News

AUGUST 14, 2023

The ever-reputable CNN has reported that just after Labor Day, President Biden will begin a robust gun control campaign in his effort to secure four more disastrous years in the White House.  And he’s going to do it by continuing to lie – “It is within our power to once again ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines…”  Joe’s problem is that the 1994 Assault weapon ban didn’t reduce any crime – and we have the receipts below – compliments of John Lott’s Crime Research Center. Check it out!

Plus, the past week has been chock-full of 2A legal news – and remember – even though GOC/GOA/GOF has filed amicus briefs in other states, final rulings could have a BIG impact here in California.  Case in point: a judge has upheld the waiting period for 18-20 gun purchases in Texas and GOA immediately filed an appeal on this negative ruling – read more  below.  And, as we reported last week, an Obama-appointed judge tossed out a Hawaii law that mirrors California’s ban on carrying guns in sensitive places.  This is good news for lawful gunowners (read the ruling here), yet this has justifiably been overshadowed by the horrific news of the fires in Maui.  We grieve for the tragic devastation of life and property on this glorious island, and pray for the survivors as they move toward the difficult and painful task of rebuilding.

Both the Senate and the Assembly return to Sacramento TODAY and GOC will be pounding the halls at the Capitol in opposition to the myriad of anti-2A bills, and we continue to strongly encourage you to check out GOC’S LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTERit’s crucial that we let members of the Legislature know where we stand!  It’s easy as 1-2-3 – JOIN US in fighting the tyranny of the anti-gun Left!


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