Anti-Gun Laws Don’t Stop Cowards

Another tragedy just occurred this weekend that California’s anti-gun policies were powerless to stop. We are distraught at the horrific loss of life, yet are not surprised.  Governor Newsom and his Leftist cronies have left all corners of California vulnerable; his tyranny has created a sanctuary state for criminals who become more emboldened with each day. GOC’s prayers are with the family and the dedicated officers who served with Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Clinkunbrunner.

NOTICE:  GOC’S Member Email system has been temporarily interrupted.  We are hoping to be back online very soon!

This interruption has made it challenging to communicate with our members regarding the end of the Legislative Session last week; for a full list of the bills that successfully passed both the Senate and the Assembly, click HERE.  As we’ve reported, it’s been a brutal year and we are actively working on legal challenges.  The good news is – the Legislature has left Sacramento, and will not return until January 2024. Hallelujah.  Meanwhile, Governor Newsom can be reached at (916) 445-2841 or HERE should you wish to express your opposition to the bills on his desk.

In other news, the “Youth Gun Marketing” law has been blocked – this is HUGE!  GOC was hot on this case ever since the original bill was introduced last year.  To read the latest on this exceptional victory, click HERE.

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