Anti-Gun Legislators Beware!

From California Grassroots Group Launches Colorado-Style Recalls

by AWR Hawkins 24 Oct 2013

Thursday at 10:45 a.m., a grassroots group called “Free California” launched Colorado-style recalls on the west steps of the California State Capitol.

These come less than two weeks after California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed sweeping new gun control measures, including a lead ammo ban and an expansion of the criminal firearm storage statute.

The recalls are being announced “for potential targeted seats from San Diego along the border, up to Orange County, to the Central Valley, all the way up to Northern California.”

Gun Owners of California (GOC) and its executive director Sam Paredes fully support the recalls.

GOC is highly respected and has a loyal following that makes it a player in CA elections. The group recently helped elect state senator Andy Vidak (R-16th Dist.) in the Central Valley. His was a come-from-behind-victory that demonstrates the kind of focused, grassroots energy coalescing to recall CA gun control politicians from office.

A few of the organizers behind this movement told Breitbart News that the group rallying behind CA recalls looks even stronger than the group that successfully pushed two recalls in Colorado on September 10.

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Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming recalls and elections, direct from Gun Owners of California

To watch the Press Conference at the State Capitol with GOC and Free California, Click Here

Here‘s an article by UT San Diego in which they ask Sam Paredes about the recalls.

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