BENITEZ UPDATE – Plus More 2A News

July 24, 2023

Last week GOC reported that Southern Federal District Court Judge Roger Benitez was set to hear oral arguments in the case that challenges California’s ammunition registration scheme, Rhode v Bonta. As with each case that has come before Judge Benitez, we are eager to hear his decision as he has been consistently well-reasoned and thorough when it comes to rulings regarding the Second Amendment. According to the plaintiff attorneys, the Judge assured all parties in attendance that although his court calendar is demanding, he is taking the utmost care in evaluating the merits of each case before him, which includes California’s magazine ban, “assault weapons” ban, as well as a ban on “billy” clubs.

GOC, who has filed an amicus brief on Rhode v Bonta, fully recognizes that this will be appealed to a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit, regardless of how Benitez rules.  The anti-gun Left will not let this stand and that’s why we are in it to win it – before the Supreme Court.

For those individuals who have been denied ammunition purchases, GOC encourages you to email the details of your refusal to

AS OUR LEGAL EFFORTS CONTINUE, WE ASK THAT YOU CONTINUE TO SUPPORT US!  We are in hostile territory but are making enormous inroads in the aftermath of the Bruen ruling.
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