Biden: Who Needs 100 Rounds? WE KNOW WHO and Other 2A News

This past week, when speaking at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, our President once again stuck his foot firmly in his mouth when he said “Who in God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?”

Well, we can certainly think of a few thousand people for whom a weapon with 100 rounds would have been quite helpful recently – given the ghastly slaughter of entire families in Israel.  TONE DEAF doesn’t even come close to what President Biden said.  This is stunningly ignorant.  Read more about his comments below.

That being said, we’ve reprinted an exclusive piece from the Daily Caller written by GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs on the fact that Israel needs a Second Amendment.  Since the comments by our “enlightened” president were like a relative kick in the gut, this piece hits home in a big way. Check it out HERE.

And while you are at it, read up HERE  on how the ATF is attempting to silence our sister organization, Gun Owners of America. They don’t like the fact that GOA has documents that show ATF was involved in a warrantless surveillance program. This is crazy stuff and we need to understand what’s happening in our government – we must be ARMED AND INFORMED, so do GOC a solid and pass on our emails to friend and family, and JOIN US IN OUR FIGHT FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

ATF Attempts to Silence GOA! | Ammoland
They don’t like the fact that we have certain documents…

Joe Biden: His Ignorance on Guns Continues to Blow Minds | Breitbart
No two ways about it:  he should just refrain from speaking.

Newsom Approves Skittles Ban While Crime/Drugs Take Over CA Cities | CA Globe
Doesn’t he have anything better to do?

Israel’s Bold Move: Empowering Civilians with 10,000 Rifles! | AmmoLand
This is common sense gun control.

Israel Loosens Strict Gun Control Laws To Arm ‘As Many Citizens As Possible’ | The Federalist
Only after a tragedy do people realize the importance of the 2A.

Judge Officially Dismisses Previous Gun Charge Against Hunter Biden | Breitbart
It must be nice to be the President’s Kid.

9th Circuit Decision: Still Playing Games With Our Fundamental Rights | Bearing Arms
Playing games with people’s civil rights? That is not right at all.

9th Circuit Court Stays Lower Court Ruling; Bans ‘High’ Cap Mags in CA | RedState
“Shall not be infringed” means nothing to activist “judges.”

Fraudulent COVID Claims Fueled Black Market Gun Trade | NSSF
WHOA. Does the Govt ever do anything right?

Grassley to ATF: Explain Focus on Gun Owners …. | AmmoLand
…Instead of on cartel trafficking – the real criminals.

You Must Have the Means for Self-Defense | Townhall
Self-defense is a God given human right! Enough said.

Showdown Over Max Capacity Magazines | Ammoland
Good listing of which states are putting limits on magazines.