BOOM! Gun Owner Numbers SURGE and Other 2A News

July 31, 2023

Well, now, this is interesting! Recent reports about how many people actually own guns in the US indicate that there are an awful lot of folks who are classified as “quiet” gun owners – in other words, people that don’t want to admit that they own a gun.  It appears the number of gun owners is roughly DOUBLE what had been previously estimated – from 33% to a whopping 60%.

These closet gun owners need to come into the light – it is by growing our numbers that we can also grow in influence, and shut down those who want nothing more than to disarm us.  By continuing in silence, the attacks on our rights to protect our families and homes will continue – with each day that passes in indifference, the Left becomes more emboldened.

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If that weren’t enough interesting news, check out GOA’s Senior VP article about the problems of using polls to make policy. The anti-gun left says there is strong public support for universal background checks. It is the Holy Grail of gun control – BUT WAIT! In 2017, only twelve people were prosecuted for attempting to illegally purchase a firearm out of 25 million background checks, according to data from the United States Government Accountability Office. That translates to .00000048% usefulness in catching illegal buyers – mind blown! Read all about it below.

Boom: Up To 60% Of Americans Could Own Guns, Twice Estimate | Washington Examiner
Hmmm, a surge in “quiet” gun owners…

Does Polling Really Show that a Majority of Americans Support Stricter Gun Control? | GOA
Erich Pratt: brings up good questions on the legitimacy of these polling numbers.

How Will San Jose’s Gun Insurance Mandate Be Enforced?  | Bearing Arms
Good read about how San Jose is doing all it can to make life harder for the lawful.

CA Man Shoots, Wounds Would-Be Intruder | Bearing Arms
Despite what anti-gun leftists say, defensive gun use is common here in CA.

San Jose’s Gun Owner Insurance Mandate: Political Theater | The Truth About Guns
More on the “political theater” – much like Newsom’s proposed gun amendment.

SF Sec Guard Who Killed Shoplifter In Self-Defense Fined For Carrying Concealed | Bearing Arms
You would really think the SF DA would have better things to do than this.

Report: Mass Shootings Have ‘No Correlation to Gun Laws’ | Ammoland
As we have repeatedly stated: this is NO surprise to GOC.

Biden Admin Withholds Key Funding For Schools With Hunting, Archery Programs | Fox News
Biden administration is ‘leveling a direct attack on hunters.’

Clarence Thomas Created a Confusing Rule That’s Gutting Gun Laws | Politico
Not confusing at all! The Bruen case has overturned more than a dozen gun laws.

A Bill to Stop Armed IRS Agents | Ammoland
They have more than enough power without being armed.

Pattern of Harassment: ATF Targets Another Home-Based FFL | The Truth About Guns
The ATF is doing what the ATF does best….violating people’s civil rights.

Proven Lies and Weaponized Propaganda | NSSF
The lamestream media continues to be a mouthpiece for the anti-gun left.

Voters Rejecting Gun Control Politicians Who Shout ‘Crime Isn’t a Problem!’ | NSSF
Anti-gun politicians: hypocrites for selling gun control while having armed security.

US Supreme Court’s Alito Temporarily Blocks ‘Ghost Gun’ Ruling | Reuters
The situation is evolving… stay tuned.