Capitol Cluster and More 2A News

One would think most Los Angelinos would wake up one day and dump their leadership given the frightening recent headlines about skyrocketing crime.  Violent Crimes Up 60%!  LA Armed Robberies up 57%!  Robberies With a Firearm Up 44% in LA!  And then there’s the cautionary recommendation from the LAPD to not wear expensive jewelry.  Isn’t it time for a different, less gun-controlled “soft on crime” approach?  Read the latest on the many unfortunate and dangerous issues facing the Southland and how it’s impacting the many good people who live there.

As GOC has reported in recent weeks, the Legislature has begun hearing bills in committee.  They are not, however, functioning anywhere near 100%.  FAR FROM IT.  Expecting things to change at the State Capitol just because we’re moving into year three of COVID is like expecting a snake not to wiggle. It’s not going to happen.  It’s just another year – and another mess of testimony.  Check out GOC’s latest on this issue “Public Testimony Derailed AGAIN – Capitol Cluster Continues.”  The inefficiency at the top levels of our government is positively shameful.

Violent Crimes Up 60% in LA According to New Data | CA Globe 
Reveals increase in violence and firearm use during robberies.

LAPD Warns Citizens to Stop Wearing Expensive Jewelry | Breitbart
Decades of failed policy and a soft on crime approach.

LA Armed Robberies Up 57% Despite Dozens of Gun Laws | The Truth About Guns
How’s that gun control working for ya?

Robberies with a Firearm up 44% in Gun-Controlled Los Angeles | Breitbart | 
We don’t need gun control, we need Leftist control.

Survey: Pandemic First-Time Buyers Younger and More Diverse| The Reload
And the best thing is, they oppose gun control.

The Pandemic Era Saw History’s Biggest Spike in Gun Ownership | National Review
And it’s also the most diverse ever.

Judge Jackson Affirms 2A Rights but Questions Linger | NSSF
There are still many questions about the new SCOTUS nominee.

Inside NBC’s Libelous, Illegal ‘Ghost Gun’ Hit Piece | Armed American News
And it’s unethical, to boot.

The Lies The Media Refuses To Call Out | Bearing Arms
The media is the propaganda machine of the anti-gun Left.

ATF Sends Notice To FFLs Claiming Some FRTs Are Machine Guns | AmmoLand
The latest way the ATF is trying to violate our 2A rights.

Amazon Supported Gun Control and It Kicks Them in the Butt | NSSF
Rising crime leads hypocritical Amazon to shift their urban offices.

‘Ghost Gun’ Bans and Serial Number Mandates Fail | The Truth About Guns