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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Bills on Governor’s Desk: Time to Call

The 2013 Legislative Session has come to a close.  While many of the 40+ anti-gun bills that were introduced this year failed to make it to the Governor’s Desk, nearly the worst of the worst now rest within the walls of his office.  We have spent the year lobbying, testifying, reasoning, and fighting … we have done our part in this arduous fight.  The next steps in this battle require your help.  In order for our defense in court to be as strong as possible, we need to show the judges that we did everything we could throughout the legislative process to stop these unconstitutional bills from being passed.  We need the entire responsibility to rest on the backs of the unconstitutional legislators who so blatantly disregard the Bill of Rights.

Right now, with these bills waiting for their final fate, at the hands of Governor Jerry Brown, we need every gun owner, every lover of freedom, every constitution-believing citizen, to move.  Will you take the time to call the Governor’s office?  Will you fax him a letter of opposition?  Will you remind him, as he is coming up on an election, that the law abiding citizens of California want CRIME CONTROL, not GUN CONTROL?!

When calling his office, please be specific.  Please list the bills below and register your opposition.  We need their phone lines and inboxes to be flooded with respectful requests of VETO.

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