California Gun Laws Book

Firearms Attorney, Chuck Michel, Releases Book on California Gun Laws

Chuck Michel’s knowledge of gun laws both statewide and nationally are unparalleled.  Although the laws are continually changing, this book will serve as a necessary resource to any gun owner in the State of California.

With the way legislators, and even the courts, convolute the Second Amendment, our rights, and the repercussions of making a mistake, it is absolutely critical that we know the laws.  While Gun Owners of California is committed to reducing the red tape created by unnecessary policies, and defending our rights so that more restrictions are not created, Chuck Michel, Attorney at Law, is committed to defending the Second Amendment in the courts.

With over 20 years of experience and having represented multiple Second Amendment organizations and firearm manufacturers, Chuck’s knowledge is unparalleled and serves as an extremely valuable resource.

We are proud to partner with, the informative, independent legal website established by Chuck Michel, thus we are proud to promote his book.  Purchase your copy and help protect yourself today!

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