GOC Statement on the Gun and Ammo Tax Coming July 1, 2024

Ever since the gun “excise” tax issue was brought before the Legislature, GOC has been at the tip of the spear in voicing our opposition. Taxing an enumerated right is not just unconstitutional but this is a vindictive slap directed entirely at responsible gun owners.

To force the lawful to pay for the consequences that come from the criminal misuse of firearms will do absolutely nothing to stop evil people from committing evil acts.  As we’ve reported, the anti-gun gut punch is coming on July 1 and ever since Governor Newsom signed the bill (AB 28) GOC has been working behind the scenes with our strategic partners on how to best challenge the tax.

Who actually has legal “standing” to contest the tax is the question.  From a general legal perspective, a tax can only be challenged once it has been charged – and then paid by the consumer. This creates an “injured party” who then has “standing” to sue. This, however, cannot happen until the law goes into effect on July 1, 2024.  It is a complex process and we have earnestly considered every angle on how to best pursue and fight this!  At this time, GOC and other 2A organizations with whom we frequently partner are doing the preliminary legal footwork that will lead to a robust defense to fight this punitive and underhanded tax. 

Anyone who has either collected the tax and/or paid the tax is eligible to be considered a plaintiff in the upcoming legal challenge.  For those interested in submitting their names, contact Laurie Paredes at laurie@gunownersca.com