Important Bill Hearing Updates and More 2A News

The Legislature has returned from their “Spring” break and bill hearing deadlines are fast approaching which means GOC will be spending a lot of time at the Capitol in the coming weeks.  Make sure you stay ARMED AND INFORMED on everything that’s going on by signing up for GOC email and “bad bill” alerts.

The Senate Public Safety hearing for SB 1160 (Portantino | annual gun registration) and SB 1253 (Gonzalez | mandated firearm safety certificate) is scheduled for tomorrow, April 2 at 8:30 am. GOC’s Executive Director Sam Paredes will be there to testify in opposition on both bills; for those interested in watching, click HERE.   For additional information on GOC’s priority legislation, head over to our Legislative Action Center and our Legislation Home Page.

Also, Senator Blakespear’s SB 1038 which pushes the requirement that individuals report the loss or theft of a gun from 5 days to just 48 hours is set for hearing in Senate Judiciary on April 9.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO WEIGH IN ON THESE ANTI-2A PROPOSALS!  Your engagement in the process is invaluable and we appreciate it.

And on the national front, the news is positively alarming when it comes to the most recent attack on the 2A by the Biden Administration.  As we reported last week, the Department of Justice announced the launch of the National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource Center – what critics rightly say is a federal ‘Red Flag Center’ to keep firearms away from “people who pose a threat to themselves or others.” If this weren’t bad enough, the bill funding this “center” also includes money for a $200 million new headquarters for the FBI.  Read more about this outrageous – and sadly bipartisan move that seems designed specifically to undermine our rights.

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Update on the preliminary injunction that blocked the microstamping mandate.

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Sadly, the beautiful state of CA is on this list.

Hours After Spending Bill Passes, DOJ Announces Latest 2A Target | Townhall
Whether it’s the FBI, IRS, ATF, or the DOJ it’s clear they’re targeting us.

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We can no longer trust most non-profits spearheaded in leftist cities.

Poll: Biden Approval on Guns Falls Below 30 Percent | The Reload
Is anyone surprised?

Biden Brags About Using Executive Power to Put Gun Control in Place | Breitbart
Sounds like something a tyrant would say…

Subway Felony Assaults Jump 53% in Gun-Controlled, Dem-Run NYC | Breitbart
Are progressive cities too unsafe due to the leftist policies?  Yep.

Zombie Guns: Yet Another “Dangerous Loophole” | The Truth About Guns
Another fictional loophole created by the anti-gun left.

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Scare tactics are the name of the game for the anti-gun left.

Mexican President’s Arrogance Grows Along with U.S. Courts’ Leniency | NSSF
Mexico is like the anti-gun left, blaming an inanimate object rather than bad actions.

Armed Teens a Big Problem In Many Places, but Gun Control’s Not the Solution | Bearing Arms
Gun control is NEVER the solution.