Is that really what you meant, Senator?

Before reading any further, please watch the video below, where Senator Kevin DeLeon explains the capabilities of a “ghost gun”.  

Come on, Senator. Be honest. Did you just wing it? Or is your speech writer really that inept? If it’s the latter, then you should consider firing the aide that left you so ill-prepared. However, if you really neglected to research the object that served as your primary purpose for calling a press conference, then, well, you should be fired.

As an elected official, and one who boasts being “a common sense policy-maker unafraid to take on complex issues”, and one who has recently become the chosen one to serve as the next Senate Leader, we would like to encourage you to study the issues on which you plan to impose further legislation. This is merely a recommendation, as we would hate for you to embarrass yourself in front of the entire State of California.

We also write this as a request to you, and all other elected officials who have assumed the position of determining how we, law abiding citizens, are to live, in the Great State of California. Because, when it comes down to it, we have the right to assume that our legislators are casting their votes and proposing their bills from a knowledgeable and well-informed perspective. Otherwise, why do you have the right to continually regulate, and often, assault, our rights as you do?

In your recent press conference regarding “ghost guns” (another name you have so brilliantly conjured up), you have proven that you do not understand the key issue on which you are focusing your legislative prowess. Your lack of understanding might lead one to assume you know little to nothing about many things on which you cast your vote, and that just doesn’t look very good for a legislature with an approval rating on the lower side of the happy spectrum.

Now, we are giving you the benefit of the doubt with these assumptions that you are either lacking knowledge on the issue or were mistakenly ill-prepared for your press conference, because if neither are the case, then that would leave the general public with proof of your intent to lie in order to instigate fear and garner support for your legislation. It might also give you the unbecoming reputation of being so egotistical as to assume those watching your press conference are to believe your every word, simply for the fact that you are an elected official.

We will extend our benefit of the doubt to the list of gun death victims you have listed on your website, as well. We assume your honoring the cop killers, murder suspects, and suicides was also an unfortunate, ill-informed mistake, and not another lie used to gain sympathy.

In the future, we offer ourselves to you as a resource. With over 50 years of combined knowledge regarding the California State Legislature and the Second Amendment, we are confident we can provide you with the information you need to, well, not embarrass yourself. Whether you agree with us or not, our offer stands.

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