August 7, 2023

GOC and our partners in the 2A community have had some awesome wins in the courts since last summer’s Bruen decision, but sometimes folks on the bench issue rulings that simply double down on stupid.

Case in point: last week, a Ventura County judge handed down an awful ruling that the gun stores and ranges shutdown as “non-essential businesses” didn’t violate the Second Amendment rights of county residents during the initial days of COVID. U.S. District Judge Consuela Marshall actually had the gall to assert the pandemic was an “unprecedented societal concern” that allows for “a more nuanced approach” to the Supreme Court’s history, text, and tradition test.  Obviously, GOC strongly disagrees and successfully fought to get this policy rescinded three years ago.  This new decision is, however, particularly dangerous because it could set precedent for any future shutdowns based on nothing more than some bureaucrat’s version of a “public health” emergency.  When GOC hears garbage like this, we reaffirm that we are not going to sit by and let a bunch of leftists set fire to our constitution. 


The Legislature returns to Sacramento next Monday – and we want to THANK those who jumped on to our LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER – don’t let up – keep those emails coming – your elected officials need to hear from you!

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