June 13, 2022 – GOC in the Media, Bill Update, and More Gun News

There’s clearly a lot of news when it comes to the 2nd Amendment on the national front in the aftermath of the tragedy in Uvalde, but California is also facing a hotbed of bad gun bills too.  Last week, GOC Executive Director Sam Paredes testified in Assembly Public Safety Committee against SB 915 (Min – bans gun shows on state property) and SB 1384 (Min – mandates video surveillance for gun retailers).  Paredes sparred with members of the committee when it became obvious that some are eager to characterize gun ownership as  some sort of deviant culture. Facts just don’t seem to matter that much – nor do Constitutional concerns for privacy.  For details on the bills GOC is tracking, click HERE.

Check out the articles below on the ineffectiveness of California’s “red-flag” laws, how the President mocks gun owners, and take a special look at the California Globe’s interview with Sam Paredes.  It’s full of solid and truthful info on what’s going on here in California and Washington D.C.

Just the Truth About Gun Control, Guns and Crime Control | California Globe
Reporting the Truth: Excellent interview with GOC’s own Sam Paredes.

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No “Positive” Impact of “Red Flag” Laws in CA: JAMA Study | AmmoLand.com
Great study/piece showing there is no justification for “Red Flag” laws.

LA Times: Anti-Gun Propaganda Disguised as News | AmmoLand.com
More leftist baloney disguised as “news” is headed your way.

Biden Mocks Gun Owners During CA Visit: ‘You’re a Danger to Yourself | Breitbart’
Joe Biden is what’s dangerous for America.

US House Gun Control Hearings Reveal the Farce  | NSSF
The farce is that only law-abiding citizens will be affected by these laws.

Gun Rights Groups Mobilizing to Counter Gun Control Bills | Time 
That’s right – either in the Senate or in the Courts.

Gun Control Framework Agreed Upon In The Senate | Ammoland
GOA’s John Crump on what’s up in Congress.

What Biden Thinks About the New Gun Control Proposal | Townhall
Leftists and Biden ignore fact that these tragedies happen in gun-free zones.

Assassination Attempt of Justice Kavanaugh Over Fear of Looser Gun Laws | The Reload
This assassination attempt is the direct cause of militant leftist rhetoric.

Parkland Father Blasts Gun Control Grifters Profiting on Tragedy | Townhall
He understands how the Left exploits tragedy for their gain.

When Seconds Count, Cops Are Minutes To An Hour Away | Daily Caller
We are our own first line of defense.

We Have Gun Violence Solutions. You Just Won’t Listen | Heritage
And the solutions are effective.

Media Now Dishonestly Classifying Gang Violence as ‘Mass Shootings’ | Townhall
Don’t confuse the media with FACTS!