Legislative Deadline Looms Large

With a little over a week to go, the deadline for the Legislature to pass bills off the Assembly and Senate Floors and send them to the Governor’s desk looms large – and there are still hundreds of bills under consideration.  This is par for the course – it makes it easy to jam some really bad stuff through when the volume of bills is so high. Case in point: last Friday, both the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees rolled through almost 800 bills in one day – GOC has a lot to say about how this legislative strategy works for the Leftists in charge.  No debate.  Nothing. It’s a disgrace – pure and simple. Check out Appropriations Committee: Where Good Bills Die and Bad Bills Skate.

Almost all of the anti-gun bills we’ve been following passed and are now headed to the Senate and Assembly Floors – continue to let your elected representatives know where you stand on these issues with GOC’s LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER – as we’ve said before, it’s a tall order, but GOC will never take the easy way and leave the building!  We are down at the Capitol at all hours and will continue to be there until the gavel shuts the place down next week.  Thanks for your continued engagement and KEEP IT UP!

MEANWHILE – GOC has a lot of irons in the fire – watch for our upcoming COURT UPDATE – we are up to our eyeballs in legal wranglings.  Stay Tuned!

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