Legislative SOS Newsflash – Bills up Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Legislators have returned to the State Capitol and their brief “recess” while sheltering elsewhere did not ease the Left’s goal to amp up their anti-gun efforts.  Now that they have self-declared that they are essential, the Assembly is holding committee hearings and the following gun-related bills are up in Public Safety next week (May 19).  In spite of constraints presented by the COVID-19 universe, GOC is still waging battle these bad bills. WE ARE FIGHTING THE LEFT TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHT!

AB 2362 – Muratsuchi/D
This bill establishes a “framework of fines” the Department of Justice can impose on a gun dealer.

It’s premature to grant the DOJ additional authority to penalize firearms dealers when they themselves have been lax in addressing existing operational problems.  DOJ has been unresponsive to numerous problems with the DROS system (Dealer Record of Sale) and the APPS (Armed Prohibited Persons System), failing to provide changing regulatory information to lawful firearm dealers and missing the mark in addressing the APPS backlog.

This could lead to needless, punitive measures against firearms dealers who may have made an insignificant mistake – stemming from lack of responsiveness from the Department.  GOC URGES A NO VOTE.

AB 2847 – Chiu/D
This bill would revise the criteria for “unsafe” firearms by requiring an alternate microstamping method to be applied to handguns.

Even though this bill reduces the number of places that a semi-auto pistol is required to imprint a set of microscopic characters from two locations (the spent case and the primer) to one, this does not remove our strong opposition. It’s been universally accepted that it’s physically impossible for the firearm to imprint on the spent case, and the requirement for firing pin imprinting is equally problematic because it can be easily manipulated.  The engravings on the tip of the firing pin are 1/26th the thickness of a human hair and can be removed/disfigured with a simple fingernail file, thus, what the bill seeks to achieve is moot.  GOC URGES A NO VOTE.


  • First and foremost, JOIN THE FIGHT AND JOIN or DONATE to GOC TODAY! We can’t slay the anti-gun dragons without you!
  • Contact the Committee members and urge a NO vote – you can find their office phone numbers HERE.
  • Have your comments in opposition added to the Committee’s analysis of the legislation. Private individuals can do that

Remember – we are fighting the LEFT to defend your RIGHT!