Legislator Presses Governor to Suspend ALL Gun/Ammo Sales

On March 20, Gun Owners of California sent an urgent letter to Governor Gavin Newsom requesting he update his COVID-19 EXECUTIVE ORDER N-33-20, which declared an exception to the stay at home directive for those identified as “essential” as per the federal Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

The CISA guidance was updated to specifically include “[w]orkers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges” as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure.

As this federal designation deemed the firearms industry as essential and supersedes mandates to close gun stores from individual states, GOC has been anxiously awaiting the Governor’s response to clarify his Executive Order.

Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, however, has officially requested that the Governor suspend all firearm and ammunition sales, citing the perpetuation of a “cycle of public panic and impulsive action.”  See letter circulated among his colleagues for supportive signatures HERE.

Rather than protecting our homes and families with a firearm, Santiago has another idea:  instead, he says we should be armed with “strong safeguards on public health and safety.” 

Last we checked, social distancing from an armed intruder is not going to help anyone, and a mask offers zero protection from the spread of looting or any other crime for that matter.

Santiago’s request of the Governor is intended to stoke public fear and anxiety.  It is not only reckless, but it is also tyrannical.  A growing number of law-abiding citizens have been forced to realize that they are their own first line of defense – particularly in a pandemic when resources are strained.  Covid-19 is exposing all manner of tyrants, with mayors, legislators and judges believing their authority has no limits.  This is outrageous!  GOC asks that you continue to support our efforts as we fight against such oppression and press the Governor to affirmatively resolve this issue.

Come election time, be assured that GOC will be at the tip pf the spear in reminding ALL CALIFORNIANS who supported your rights to protect yourself – and who did not.