Newsom Signs Anti-2nd Amendment Bills

In his unrelenting drive to punish law abiding gun owners in California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed two of three anti-2nd Amendment bills today.

Giving a nod to the Legislature’s left-wing Democrat leadership, Newsom took pen to paper and approved the following bills, despite strong opposition from Gun Owners of California and other 2nd Amendment advocacy groups.

Sam Paredes, GOC’s Executive Director said “This has always been Newsom’s end game – he hates the 2nd Amendment and hates guns. It’s mind-blowing to think that some law signed by the Governor is going to stop evil people from doing evil things – like the degenerate who recently shot two LA sheriff deputies in the head.“

AB 2362: Muratsuchi/D

This bill will allow the Department of Justice to fine gun stores for minor paperwork violations which could put these retailers out of business. This is a punitive action.

AB 2847: Chiu/D

Forces manufacturers to use microstamping technology in order to have new handguns on the approved DOJ roster. Also, for every “new” microstamped handgun, three non-microstamped models will be deleted from the roster. In essence, this will dramatically reduce the number of guns on the list of approved firearms available in California.

“Left-wing politicians don’t live in the real world and are more interested in Band-Aid solutions to crime rather than anything substantive,” said Paredes.

In a rare move, the Governor VETOED SB 914: Portantino /D, according to the Governor’s veto message, this is due to the lengthy process this bill would have required for the DOJ to verify valid hunting licenses. In short, this bill would have not only required DOJ to validate hunting licenses for gun purchases for 18-20 year olds, but it would have also mandated that only parents could provide a firearm to anyone under 18 (in particular, young hunters and competitive youth shooters).

Newsom specified in his veto message that this bill would have required DOJ to redirect resources that “could affect the work currently scheduled for seven previously enacted bills impacting the firearms information technology systems.” Thus, he feared this bill would have detracted from his other anti-gun efforts. Even though this veto is a victory for gun owners, it by no means indicates a “pro-gun move” by the Governor.

NOTE: While these bills may provide opportunities for lawsuits, this requires money and time. Plus, no move to challenge anything in court can happen until the law becomes effective, which is January 1, 2021.


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